From water-soluble solder pastes to ultra-low residue, no-clean fluxes, Indium Corporation's portfolio of solder pastes have been designed to meet the current and evolving challenges encountered in fine-pitch SiP applications.

"Indium Corporation's soldering materials for SiP applications have a proven track record with usage in over ONE BILLION front-end module SiP devices manufactured over the last two years," said Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, Senior Product Manager for Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials.

"Many assemblers are battling the challenges that come with fine- and ultrafine-pitch printing, including solder joint damage during cleaning," said Sze Pei Lim, Semiconductor Product Manager for Asia. "Unlike other suppliers, Indium Corporation delivers a suite of materials proven to solve these problems."

Indium Corporation's Indium3.2HF Solder Paste is an air or nitrogen reflow, water-soluble solder paste specifically formulated for fine feature printing applications (Type 6SG). Indium3.2HF is formulated to offer consistent, repeatable printing performance combined with a long stencil life.

Flip-Chip Flux WS-580 is a water washable flip-chip dipping flux that has no-intentionally-added halogens (halogen-free). Flip-Chip Flux WS-580 has an activator system powerful enough to promote wetting on the most demanding substrate metallizations.

NC-SMQ®77 is a halogen-free, no-clean solder paste designed to leave ultra-low levels of residue. NC-SMQ®77 does not contaminate MEMS surfaces with flux spatter, and is proven in high-volume manufacturing applications.

Flip-Chip Flux NC-26S is a halogen-free, no-clean flip-chip dipping flux designed to leave a completely benign, clear residue. The reduction in residue optimizes underfill adhesion and decreases possible outgassing during underfill cure.

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