Indium Corporation will feature its Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste and Solder Fortification® preforms at SMT Nuremberg April 16-18 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Indium8.9HFA delivers unsurpassed print transfer efficiency to eliminate starved solder joints. It also has excellent response-to-pause, as well as less than five percent voiding over many different profiles when soldering BGAs with via-in-pad technology.

Solder Fortification® preforms eliminate costly or time-consuming processes, such as wave or selective solder. In addition, they are packaged in convenient tape & reel configurations to enable users to utilize existing pick & place equipment. Preforms come in standard shapes, such as squares, rectangles, washers and discs. Typical sizes range from .010" (.254mm) up to 2" (50.8mm). Smaller and larger sizes, as well as custom shapes, are also available. Dimensions can be held to tight tolerances to assure volume accuracy.

Indium Corporation products will be featured at stand 7-430.

For more information on Indium8.9HFA, visit; and for Solder Fortification® preforms, visit  or email