Indium Corporation's European Sales Manager for Metals, Compounds, and Solar Products Malcolm Harrower delivered a presentation to guests at Metal Bulletin's Minor Metals Conference on February 14 and 15 in Brussels, Belgium.

The presentation, Indium Sources and Applications, discussed the increased demand for indium for use in items such as flat panel displays, PV solar energy, solders, thermal interface materials, batteries, and compound semiconductors and LEDs. Malcolm also pointed out that, though there will be pricing and supply volatility, there will be a sufficient amount of indium to meet the increased demand due to the fact that current proven reserves of indium covers over 75 years of demand. In addition, mining and exploration will continue to reveal new sources. Indium Corporation's Director of Metals & Chemicals, Claire Mikolajczak, coauthored this paper.

Malcolm is responsible for providing support to new and existing accounts in Europe from his base of operations in the United Kingdom. In addition, he works with Solar Sales Channel Partners in Europe to cultivate new customers and explore opportunities for the growth an expansion of Indium Corporation's product lines.

Malcolm has more than 15 years of experience in the metals, chemicals, and solar industries. He earned a bachelor's degree in metallurgy from the University of Sheffield and a post-graduate diploma in marketing from Thames Valley University.

Claire is responsible for sourcing critical raw materials such as indium, gallium, and germanium for Indium Corporation's manufacturing operation, as well as for the manufacturing, reclaiming, and sales of high purity metals and chemicals. She covers the Asian and European continents from her base of operations in Italy.

Claire earned a bachelor's degree in languages and a master's degree in business administration from University of Brussels' Solvay Business School.

Indium Corporation is a premier materials supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, solar, thin-film and thermal management markets. Products include solders, preforms, and fluxes; brazes; sputter targets; indium, gallium, and germanium chemicals and sourcing; and Reactive NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, Indium Corporation has global technical support and factories located in China, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

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