The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)’s Intermountain Chapter will hold its annual technical symposium on September 19 at the University of Utah in the Warnock Engineering Building, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Indium Corporation Americas Sales Manager, Patrick Ryan, is serving as the technical chair for this symposium, which will feature presentations from industry-leading technology experts.

Kevin Buckner, western regional manager at Kyzen, will present Cleaning Technology Innovations Needed to Clean Highly Dense Assemblies. Buckner will discuss new solvent and aqueous cleaning agents and cleaning equipment innovations that work together to remove flux residues in highly dense assemblies.

Ian Williams, technology development manager at Intel, will present The Challenges of Non-Wet Open BGA Solder Defects. This presentation examines the non-wet open (NWO) defect in flip-chip ball-grid array packages, and compares the NWO defect to the well-known head-in-pillow defect. The paper will also provide guidelines for an SMT engineer on how to mitigate the NWO defect during surface mount assembly and optimize the SMT process for high yields.

David Hillman, metallurgical engineer at Rockwell Collins, Inc., will present LGA/QFN Manufacturing and Solder Joint Reliability. Hillman’s presentation discusses the essentials for successfully implementing two bottom termination component technologies – LGAs and QFNs. The manufacturing implementation aspects of stencil printing through cleaning, and solder joint reliability in terms of a variety of test formats for high performance product test criteria, will also be covered.

Buckner is a seven-year veteran of the precision cleaning industry, and an expert in the cleaning sector of the electronics industry. He is regarded as a technical expert in plastics, filtration, and fluid dynamics. He worked for Harrington Industrial Plastics for over 10 years and later joined Aqueous Technologies as their Global Sales Manager. Buckner is actively involved in several SMTA chapters in the Western United States. He possesses a unique understanding of both mechanical and chemical interactions, making him a valuable resource for addressing emerging cleaning on the manufacturing floor.

Williams is focused on the second-level assembly challenges of Intel’s largest form factor FCBGAs and on proliferating solutions to the end customer. Previously, he managed various engineering teams, focused on second-level assembly issues, including the development of standard processes for Intel packages, as well as the path finding activities in SMT assembly processes, PCBs, and assembly materials. Williams has presented at numerous technical conferences on issues such as the impact of voiding in solder joints, and SMT assembly process considerations when using HDI PCB designs. He has been involved with the electronics industry throughout his career, and has held positions in engineering and sales for electronics-related capital equipment manufacturers, and a number of manufacturing positions. Williams holds a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Hillman serves as a consultant to manufacturing on material and process problems. He served as a subject matter expert (SME) for the Lead-free Manhattan Project in 2009 and has also published numerous technical papers, earning the Best of Proceedings Paper at SMTA International in 2011. He was the recipient of the 2008 SMTA Member of Distinction Award, and was awarded the Da Vinci medal as a Rockwell Engineer of the Year in 1994. Hillman graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering.

Registration for the symposium is free. For more information or to register, contact Kent Langston at