Indium6.4 Water-Soluble Solder Paste’s flux chemistry minimizes voiding under QFN and BGA assemblies. A typical water-soluble solder paste has approximately 15-30 percent voiding; however, Indium6.4 consistently yields less than five percent.

Indium6.4 provides:

  1. Fewer voids
  2. Smaller voids
  3. Good cleanability and reflow properties
  4. Exceptional response-to-pause printing
  5. Extended stencil life
  6. Exceptional slump resistance

Indium6.4 is manufactured with standard type 3 powder in Sn63, Sn62, and Indalloy100 (tin, lead, and silver). It joins Indium6.3 as one of Indium Corporation’s top-performing water-soluble solder pastes.

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