Metal 3D Printing Quick Release System

In metal 3D additive manufacturing, printed parts made with powder bed fusion (PBF) technology are fused to the build plate and are to difficult separate. The EZ-Print plate makes the separation step fast and easy. Remove printed parts in seconds!


    Indium Corporation is introducing its Quick Release System for powder bed fusion (PBF) metal 3D printing, making the removal of parts fast and simple.
    PBF printers are capable of printing the most advanced metal parts, in a wide variety of build materials. In the standard PBF process, the printed parts are fused to the build plate and need to be mechanically separated using an electrical discharge machine (EDM), wire saw, or some other form of cutting tool. This can be time-consuming and costly.

    Features & Benefits

    Indium Corporation’s EZ-Print plate replaces the top layer of the build plate with a low-melting point alloy. The laser-sintered printed parts are bonded to the alloy layer, and separation is achieved by melting the alloy at a relatively low temperature of about 200°C by using, for example, a hot plate or a standard oven. No EDM or other cutting saw is needed to remove the parts from the build plate. This simplifies the entire production sequence, lowers the footprint needed for parts removal, and results in a reduced cost of ownership of the entire additive manufacturing operation. In many cases, our EZ-Print plate can also eliminate the need for support structures and stand-offs.


    3D metal printed parts removal is fast and simple through the Quick Release System™. Parts are released in seconds!

    EZ-Print Plate Video

    This video illustrates the separation process. Parts separation takes place within seconds as soon as the build plate and finished parts reach the thermal release temperature.

    The EZ-Print plate is available in a 3.5” x 3.5” size, and ready to ship. This plate is compatible with the standard build plate for a GE Additive/Concept Laser/Mlab Cusing printer. Plates for other printers are made to order—please call us to discuss your specific needs.

    Re-Use & Refinish

    After cooling down, the solidified alloy surface of the EZ-Print build plate will be ready for re-use in printers that use soft recoater blades. We also offer a low-cost refinishing service—all you need to do is send used plates, containing the remaining alloy, back to us in an included, prepaid container. We will recycle the alloy and refinish the build plate. This allows us to offer refinished EZ-Print plates at a lower price point.

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