Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets

Indium Corporation offers copper/indium/gallium alloy targets with microscale homogeneity.

Features & Benefits

Indium Corporation specializes in manufacturing copper-indium-gallium (CIG) alloy targets with microscale homogeneity. We also offer binary alloy targets such as Cu-Ga and Cu-In, and elemental targets like pure indium. We offer rotary and planar targets in almost any shape or size. All targets are made to order per customers specifications.
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CIG Targets

Customers that sputter copper/indium/gallium (CIG) targets aren't looking to be "me too" manufacturers. You're pushing the limits of technology every day. That is why Indium Corporation focuses on quality and customization – to help you improve that efficiency and throughput.

Indium Corporation CIG alloy targets are used to produce high-efficiency CIGS solar cells. Indium Corporation's CIG targets offer tight control of the final solar cell composition. This is due to our unique process that results in a fully alloyed and completely homogeneous CIG alloy.

The sputtering process produces expensive waste. That is why Indium Corporation offers a Reclaim and Recycling Program.

In addition to CIG targets, we also offer targets for absorber layer deposition and other uses:

  • Cu/Ga
  • Cu/In
  • In
  • In/Sn
  • In/Sn/O (ITO)
  • Sn
  • Sn/O
  • In/Zn

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Indium and Copper-Gallium Rotatable Targets

Rotary Targets

High Throughput

Cylindrical, rotatable sputtering targets increase material utilization and system throughput while reducing the total cost of ownership. The cylindrical, rotatable shape offers greater than 70% material utilization with less system downtime and high system throughput.

The targets are made by Indium Corporation’s proprietary vertically integrated process utilizing aerospace powder metallurgy technology. The production process output results in a consistently homogeneous alloy, with low contaminate levels and consistent density throughout the target.

Planar Targets

Planar Targets

Custom Solutions

Targets are available in custom shapes, sizes, and alloy composition to suit your unique needs. Consistent, tightly controlled chemistry throughout the target enables better control of the resulting solar cell chemistry and morphology.