Use our alloy table to choose the alloy you need - and if you need something unusual, we may be able to supply that, too.
We manufacture solder spheres from 80 microns in diameter to much, much larger. If your application needs a 338 mil sphere – we can do that (within your tolerance spec). You can also specify by weight (mass).
Because we make most of our spheres to order, we can manufacture the quantities you need - from just 100 spheres to 5,000 (5k) to 5,000,000 (5kk) or more.
We specialize in industry-leading diameters and weight tolerances. If you need 300 +/- 5 microns, we can do that, too - again and again and again.
Our solder spheres are usually packaged under argon, but if you need them in hermetically sealed vials or vacuum packed with an oxygen getter, we can do that, too. Other packaging includes 24mil (0.61mm), 35mil (0.89mm), or 62mil (1.57mm) in diameter in tape & reel. If you need specialized packaging, just ask.
Specific sphericity
Other requirements - just ask.
Indium Corporation will not use solder sphere customer names in any advertising or promotional materials without express permission.