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Overheating Electronics in the Summer Sun

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  • Summer is here along with the heat waves that come with it.  I am personally prepared with central air and barely-there clothing for when the heat gets most intense; but are my electronic gadgets as prepared?


    According to the Office of Zen and Computing, electronic gadgets are not as prepared as one might hope.  Although Im in the business of preventing gadget overheating as a supplier of cooling materials, I realize that often cooling is considered as an afterthought in electronics packaging. ҂Because of that, I recommend following the Office Zens recommendations regarding electronic handling in the summer heat.



    On their blog entry, they give some great tips such as:


    1. Dont Stack Electronics


    ғYou should never stack electronic devices directly on top of each other. Is your XBox sitting on top of your DVR, which is sitting on top of your DVD player? Go do something about that, right now. Electronic devices get hot enough on their own. When theyre stacked on top of each other, they produce and conduct even higher temperatures.Ҕ

    2. Position Electronics Away from Heat


    When it comes to where you store your electronics, use common sense. Keep them out of direct sunlight, and if itӒs possible, in the path of a fan or air conditioner. Hot air rises, so store things on the basement or ground level of your home.

    3. In Case of Emergency, Shut Down


    ԓIf one of your gadgets begins to overheat and malfunction during the hot summer months, shut it down and disconnect its power supply. Let it sit and cool down until the casing is no longer hot to the touch, and then try to use it again. Make sure itҒs not stacked with any other devices, and keep the area clear to allow for proper airflow.

    I believe each of these tips to be true and suggest that you follow them as a mode of protection for your beloved electronic gadgets.