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Solder 101: Forms of Indium Metal

People use indium in many forms - to create many different products. Certain forms fit various applications.

Here are some of the many forms of pure indium that we provide:

  • Ingot – this is the bulk form of indium, but it can still be customized. Sizes are available from small ‘finger’ ingots weighing only grams, to large ingots weighing many kilograms.
  • Shot – small teardrop shaped pieces of indium with a diameter of approximately 2mm. These can also be made without a tail (round), or in a larger diameter (droplets).
  • Spheres – used as interconnections for flip-chip attachment and BGA devices.
  • Wire – a common form for most popular solder alloys, indium is also produced as spooled wire.
  • Ribbon – indium ribbon can be made to various widths and thicknesses. It is easily cut to form shapes for prototyping or small-scale production.
  • Preforms – precision forms of indium, dimensions and volumes are controlled to specifications.
  • Powder – indium and indium oxide can be used for research, chemical reactions, and forming near-net shape forms.
  • Paste – indium metal powder is mixed with flux for application by dispensing or printing equipment.
  • Sputtering Targets – available in rotary or planar forms, from lab scale to full length.


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Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert