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Thermal Activation of NanoFoil®

Don’t throw away that solder iron yet! There are many ways to activate NanoFoil® with heat. All that’s needed to start the reaction is to heat the foil to ~200°C at a rate of 4°C/s. Here are some techniques that have been used before:

  • Electrically heating: use the foil as a resistance heating element
  • Soldering iron: simple and effective, you probably have one of these on hand
  • Induction: very quick and can activate NanoFoil® buried between other parts
  • Micro torch / flame: easily automated, no electricity needed

Any one of these methods will activate NanoFoil®, but your best bet is to contact Indium Corporation’s Technical Engineers to help find the best solution for your application!


*This post is part of the NanoBond® Process series