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Attention To Emotional Detail in Video Ads

  • B2B Marcom

  • It's hard (at least for me) to make video ads that contain the main message along with just the perfect amount of artistically-expressed (and received) emotion (I haven't succeeded in my B2B Marcom practice yet). I feel that this is how ads truly connect with the audience.

    A recent TJ Maxx video ad (by Mullen as part of their Maxx Moments series – other examples are currently available on their website) does an excellent job of sprinkling in the perfect amount of emotional detail. I just love the nuances.

    The ad, titled either "Translator" or "Interpreter" features a woman translating a seemingly-Russian VIP into English. While mirroring his motions, she veers off into her very own area of interest – fashion.

    The subtle details of the TJ MAXX Interpreter ad are what kill me, including:

    - 00:13 the facial expression on the man in the audience (perfect)
    - 00:22 the ONE media camera flash feebly going off as the rest of the audience sits in disbelief (a TOTAL crack-up)
    - 00:26 back to the man – he feels the social etiquette-driven need to applaud, but quickly realizes his error as his partner looks on with disgust (you can actually feel the egg rolling down his face)


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