Metals Recycling

Metals Recycling

Doing Our Part to Recycle and Reclaim Metals

Indium Corporation provides indium and gallium recycling and reclaim services. Our comprehensive reclaim and recycle program is tailored specifically for the electronics, semiconductor, display, battery, and other specialty material industries.

At Indium Corporation, respecting the environment is one of our core values. We pride ourselves on promoting sustainability and the responsible use of resources. Both indium and gallium are on critical materials lists in many countries. The global supply of indium and gallium depends not only on consistent production of these byproduct metals, but also on the increased use of recycling and reclaim efforts. Our reclaim and recycling program is a necessity rather than a choice.

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What Materials Can This Program Reclaim?

Our reclaim services are available for most materials containing indium or gallium such as:

  • ITO, IZO, IGZO, IWO sputtering targets
  • InP crystals and wafers
  • Ga2O3 and GaN crystals and wafers from bulk or epitaxial growth
  • Spent targets
  • Worn out/replaced cryogenic indium seals
  • Indium-containing solder preforms and solder dross
  • Indium-containing wire, bar, foil, ribbon, and powder
  • Indium-containing alloys
  • Indium/indium-tin material left-over from target bonding
  • Gallium alloys and gallium chlorides

We provide some reclaim services for additional materials, such as tin, germanium, and other alloys/compounds – please contact us for the availability and pricing of these services.

How Our Reclaim and Recycle Program Works

Our Reclaim and Recycle program is simple and easy to work with. Here are the primary steps:

  • Assaying: Customers send a scrap metal sample that contains indium or gallium to us for an internal test that assesses the metal content and the complexity of reclaiming the base metal.
  • Quotation: We provide customers with a quote of the value of the material or offer a credit towards the purchase of new material (e.g., the recovered metal in ingot form or as an alloy).
  • Shipment: Customers contact our team to arrange a pickup or shipment of their Reclaim/Recycle-approved material to our metals recycling facility.
  • Processing: The materials undergo processing in our state-of-the-art recycling facility, ensuring safe and responsible handling.
  • Settlement: The reclaimed metal is sent back to the customer or purchased by Indium Corporation as agreed during quotation.
A recycling symbol with the Indium Corporation logo on top of scrap metal sent to reclaim and recycle indium, and gallium.

The Benefits of Our Reclaim and Recycle Program

  • Reduction of waste sent to landfills
  • Enhancement of sustainability efforts
  • Recovery of valuable metals and reduction of mining needs
  • Receipt of a credit for recycled materials
  • Demonstration of commitment to sustainability to customers and stakeholders

Contact us today for more information about our Reclaim and Recycle program. Find out if your materials qualify for our reclaim program. Discover the steps involved in the reclaim process. Learn how we can assist as you navigate our program.