Metals Recycling

Metals Recycling

    Features & Benefits

    Indium Corporation offers reclaim services for most indium-containing materials including:
    • ITO, IZO, GIZO
    • Spent targets
    • Used bonding materials
    • Other unneeded or excess materials
    • Worn out/replaced cryogenic seals
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    Indium Corporation is a longtime supplier of reclaim services and has the largest capacity worldwide. Our program offers:

    • Analytic reporting
    • High-yield return
    • Competitive pricing
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    Call us to see if your materials qualify for our reclaim program.

    No hazardous or unrelated waste materials accepted.

    North & South America:

    Olivia Bedner email

    Phone: +1-315-853-4900

    Fax: +1-315-853-1000

    Europe & Asia:

    Sara Brancalion email

    Phone: +39 011 655 331

    Fax: +39 011 655 490