Internship Program

Internship Program

Not Your Average Internship!

With our summer internship program:

  • College students acquire advanced and high-technology career experience;
  • Our employees develop supervisory experience and further their own professional development all while being paid;
  • Indium Corporation identifies potential future employees that embody The Indium Way, and advance or complete projects and programs that align with company goals and business initiatives;
  • And the community gains access to advanced technology-related educational experiences and careers!
Photo of Dawn Roller
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Our interns add meaningful value to the projects in which they are involved. They learn outside of the textbook and apply their expertise to actual business environments.
— Dawn Roller,
Associate Vice President of Human Resources


Sure, any business can hire interns and put them to work doing menial tasks, but that’s not how Indium Corporation’s internship program works. Instead of ordering coffee and picking up the bagels, Indium Corporation’s interns complete projects and tasks as fully functioning members of the team. Here are a few examples of recent internship program projects:

Indium Corporation's internship program enables students to work side-by-side with world-class experts while performing meaningful jobs.