Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Indium Corporation is the leader in metal thermal interface materials (TIMs).
All of our thermal interface materials are metal-based, which means they have a very high conductivity as compared to polymer-based thermal interface materials.

Indium metal, for example, has a conductivity of 86W/mK and is 4 times softer than lead. It's ductility and thermal conductivity make it ideal as a compressible thermal interface material. For the thermal K values of other thermally conductive materials, check out our thermal K list.

Metal TIMs can be divided into two categories:

  1. Solder TIMs that reflow and melt to form a mechanical bond
  2. Compressible TIMs that serve as gap fillers and do not need heat to form a bond

Compressible (or non-reflow) TIMs include:

Solder interconnects can also act as a thermal interface.

Indium Corporation makes over 200 different alloys for solder preforms. These alloys can be pure indium, indium alloys, Pb-free, or Pb-contained. Please consult one of our technical support engineers to identify the best metal TIM for your application.

Solder TIMs include:

Burn-In & Test

Burn-In & Test

Metal burn-in materials have several advantages:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • No pump out or bake out
  • Ability to handle multiple insertions
  • Available in standard or custom configurations
Power Semiconductor

Power Semiconductor

Indium Corporation manufactures die-attach solder paste for vacuum soldering. Indium Corporation's IGBT die-attach solder paste can be screen printed or stencil printed and is easy to clean.

Indium Corporation also provides solder ribbon and solder preforms for die-attach applications. Tape & reel packaging allows preforms to be advanced and placed with speed and accuracy. Semiconductor-grade ribbon and preforms come in ultra-pure alloys and adaptable packaging, such as tape & reel, custom spools, and cartridge packs, to increase productivity, performance, and efficiencies.

All material is recyclable and reclaimable.

TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2

TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2

Indium Corporation continues to lead the way in developing cutting-edge thermal interface materials (TIMs) and processes, including applications for TIM1, TIM1.5, and TIM2.

  • TIM1: Solder preforms are used as a solder thermal interface material between a processor die and a heat-spreader at the TIM1 level.
  • TIM1.5: In mobile applications or bare die applications, such as laptops or video graphics boards, there is no heat-spreader. Instead, the die is in direct contact with the cooling solution. That is why we call this thermal interface level TIM1.5. Here we recommend our compressible thermal materials, such as Heat-Springs® or liquid metal
  • TIM2: In the TIM2 level between the heat-spreader and the heat-sink we also recommend our compressible interface material - Heat-Springs® or liquid metal

Thermal K Values List

Indium Corporation Denotes Materials that Indium Corporation can provide

Indalloy® Number Material Thermal Conductivity W/(m - K) Remarks
  Diamond 1300-2400  
  Pure Silver 429  
200 100Au 318 Indium Corporation
  Pure Aluminium 240  
4 Pure Indium 86 Indium Corporation
290 97In3Ag 73 Indium Corporation
128 100Sn 73 Indium Corporation
3 90In10Ag 67 Indium Corporation
201 91Sn9Zn 61 Indium Corporation
182 80Au20Sn 57 Indium Corporation
227 77.2Sn20In2.8Ag 54 Indium Corporation
106 63SnPb37 50 Indium Corporation
9 70Sn18Pb12In 45 Indium Corporation
2 80In15Pb5Ag 43 Indium Corporation
204 70In30Pb 41 Indium Corporation
1E 52In48Sn 34 Indium Corporation
1 50In50Sn 34 Indium Corporation
121 96.5Sn3.5Ag 33 Indium Corporation
205 60In40Pb 29 Indium Corporation
205 60In40Pb 29 Indium Corporation
133 95Sn5Sb 27 Indium Corporation
281 58Bi42Sn 19 Indium Corporation
19 51In32.5Bi16.5Sn   Indium Corporation
51 62.5Ga21.5In16Sn 40 Indium Corporation
  Phase Change Materials 3 - 8  
  Thermal Grease .75 - 6  
  Ag - Filled Die Attach 1.3 - 5  
  Molding Compounds 0.6 - 0.7  
  BT Epoxy 0.19  
  FR - 4 0.11