Solder Research Kits

Solder Research Kits

Indium Corporation understands the challenges of developing products for today's marketplace and the need to test options quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

One of the key hurdles in product development is being able to test a variety of options at a reasonable cost. Indium Corporation Solder Research Kits offer a range of options so you can customize your kit to meet your requirements.

In addition, we have the technical expertise to help you select just the right materials for your kit.

Contact us with the following information:

  • The metallizations of your solderable surfaces.
  • The operating temperature of your final product.
  • The details of your manufacturing process

With this information we will be able to suggest one or two alloys for you to try in your manufacturing process. Depending on your manufacturing process, we have kits or evaluation quantities available in a variety of forms.