The Indium Way

The Indium Way

Respect, Appreciation, Achievement.
Photo of Greg Evans. The Indium Way.

Indium Corporation has succeeded over the decades due to many factors. Some cite our market focus, others our materials expertise, and some say it is our process excellence. Of course all are necessary for success. But the one common denominator underlying these "mechanics" is our culture. And our culture is built on respect, appreciation, and achievement.

It is our Indium culture — The Indium Way — that continually separates us from the competition.

— Greg Evans
Chief Executive Officer
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In our earliest years when we were a small organization, Indium Corporation’s culture was so engrained that we didn’t need to stop to think about it.

As we expanded globally, we needed to ensure that our way of doing business transcended time zones. We sought to capture the guiding philosophy that our present and future employees could follow and uphold.

Our philosophy became a call to action summarized in three simple words: respect, appreciation, and achievement. It became The Indium Way.


We respect our customers, knowing that they have made commitments and have their own challenges to accomplish. We make it our duty to play a vital role in each customer’s success.

Indium people respect one another and our company. We make it our business to greet one another as we pass, and honor our unique personalities.

We also respect the people who came before us—those individuals and teams that developed the processes, the products, the markets, and the connections that serve as the base of all we have today.

Indium Corporation respects its current and future employees by participating in activities and programs that improve the quality of life within the company and throughout our communities. We help create stronger, happier places to work and live by extending the way that we treat each other beyond the doors of our company.

We respect our business partners, treating them the very same way that we expect to be treated.

And, we respect our environment as we promote sustainable practices that impact and protect our natural resources.


We appreciate one another in big and even small ways. It feels great when a coworker says ‘thank you’ or lets us know when our work has contributed to the greater goal. And we thank our customers for putting their faith in our team.

Indium Corporation appreciates those trying hard to achieve; we celebrate the work required to reach our hard-earned goals. Since so many of us have been here for ten, twenty, or more years, we have seen the power of all this extra effort—how it makes our company stronger.


Indium Corporation promotes achievement at all levels.

First and foremost, we recognize that our company must be financially strong to enable us the independence to succeed in any endeavor. This stability is critical to support each subsequent goal.

We celebrate the grand results of a major effort, and we are equally inspired by the seemingly small and unnoticeable milestones.

Indium people achieve by learning, teaching, creating, producing, inventing, and resolving. Our collective efforts enable us to reach goals that exceed our competition. As a result, we consistently go beyond our customers’ expectations with good, old-fashioned hard work and brains.

The Indium Way

The Indium Way—Respect, Appreciation, and Achievement—is the embodiment of our culture. It’s who we are. The Indium Way is what separates us from the competition.

These shared values have built our company and enable us to lead our industry today. But without each individual, The Indium Way would be nothing more than three empty words.

So, to our customers, accept this as our promise that we will demonstrate these principles in each interaction we have with you.

To our communities around the world, know that Indium Corporation and its employees are committed to make each location that we are in a better place to live and work.

And to our Indium Corporation people, thank you for making me proud to carry on our unique culture of respect, appreciation, and achievement—The Indium Way.

— Greg Evans
CEO - Indium Corporation