Technical Milestones

We are proud of the recognition we've received for our efforts - and even more for the ones that will shape the future.

Indium Corporation's story begins long before its founders formed a company in 1934.

It began in 1863 when the element Indium was discovered by F. Reich and T. Richter while at the Freiburg School of Mines, Germany.

For years, scientists William S. Murray and Daniel Gray would independently - and together - study the metal in hopes of discovering ways to process and us it for a variety of solutions in everyday life. After much trial and error, they succeeded and a number of patents followed, including processes for obtaining and refining indium and zinc, electrodepositing indium, and recovering indium, as well as performing zero-gravity refining process research in outer space, to name a few.

Eventually, these men were able to prove the merits of indium and the Indium Corporation was formed. Ever since, from aviation to cell phones to aerospace, Indium Corporation has driven technological innovations that continue to have significant impacts on the way we live and enable our customers to reach their goals.



September 22 -

Indium Corporation Receives Electronics Maker Leadership Award Indium Corporation earned a leadership category award from Electronics Maker for "Best Electronics Assembly Materials Manufacturer of the Year" during a ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 22.


January 5 -
"Indium Corporation (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.", a trading facility, opens in Malaysia.
March 1 -
Indium Corporation acquires SOLDER CHEMISTRY of Landshut, Germany.
We formed "Indium Advanced Materials GmbH" which purchased the Solder Chemistry company.
We maintained the brand, "Solder Chemistry," but operate the company fully as "Indium Corporation."
December 13 -
Indium Corporation (Korea - CCK) receives the ‘Contribution Recognition Award’ from the Cheongju city mayor.
"You have contributed a lot to the development of the Cheongju City Chemicals Managers' Council by actively participating in it. In particular, your dedication to safe chemical management with a strong sense of responsibility and mission is highly recognized and appreciated."
Cheongju Mayor Han Beom-deok Accepting the award on our behalf was Ki-il Nam, Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer at CCK.
December 15 -
Indium Corporation (Korea - CCK) receives the ’10 Million dollar export tower’ award. It is presented by the Korea International Trade Association on the 58th Annual Trade Day. Export record is from July 2020 – June 2021


January 7 -
Made first commercial shipment from Indium Corporation of India (ICI) <Indium Solder Private Limited>.
February -
The world experiences the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It affects people throughout the entireties of 2020 and 2021.
Indium Corporation initiated the “Keep our people safe and our factories operating” initiative in conjunction with the Manufacturers’ Association of Central New York. This highly successful regional program assured that Indium Corporation, and many other manufacturing companies, remained in operation, as an essential business, throughout the COVID pandemic.
June 2 -
Indium Corporation officially relocates its global HQ from 34 Robinson Rd., Clinton, NY, USA to 301 Woods Park Dr., Clinton, NY, USA.
June 3 -
"Indium Corporation (Malaysia) SDN. BHD." is officially registered in Malaysia.



February -
Earned IATF 16949 certification in UKO, APO, and ICS.
September -
Relocated our global HQ to much larger space at 301 Woods Park Drive, Clinton, NY.
November 11 -
Our new global ERP system went live.
Indium Corporation's Asia-Pacific Operations (Singapore) expanded space for operations.
Indium Corporation of Suzhou doubled its amount of floor space


January -
Indium Corporation earns ISO/TS 16949 management system certificates for its Business Park Drive facility in Utica, N.Y., and its headquarters and manufacturing operations in Clinton, N.Y.
February 27 -
Indium Corporation receives the CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY New Product Introduction (NPI) Award for its Core 230-RC flux-cored wire at the IPC APEX EXPO technical conference.
April -
Indium Corporation earns the ON Semiconductor Award for its “perfect quality” in 2017. Indium Corporation, one of more than 3,000 ON Semiconductor production suppliers, was selected for its commitment to ensuring high quality and supply continuity in an evolving semiconductor market.
April 24 -
Indium Corporation receives the SMT China Vision Award for its Indium10.1HF Solder Paste during NEPCON China.
May 3 -
Indium Corporation receives a Mohawk Valley Legacy Award for its generational role in the growth of the Mohawk Valley.
May -
Indium Corporation earns the Electronics Manufacturing (EM) Asia Innovation Award for its Indium10.1HF Solder Paste during NEPCON China 2018.
May -
Indium Corporation launches a mobile-friendly version of its website specifically designed for the Chinese market,
October -
Indium Corporation earns the prestigious SMTA Corporate Partnership Award during SMTA International 2018. The award recognizes not only Indium Corporation’s contributions to the SMTA, but also the industry at-large.


February -
Indium Corporation receives the CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Service Excellence Award for Materials during the IPC APEX EXPO technical conference from February 14-16, 2017 in San Diego, California.
May -
Indium Corporation and Yunnan Tin Group Company Limited enter into a strategic technology and materials partnership to supply indium-based products to the Chinese electronics and flat panel display (FPD) production markets.
November -
Indium Corporation promotes Greg Evans to CEO, and Ross Berntson to President and COO. Former CEO and company owner William N. Macartney III continues serving as the Chairman of the Board.


August -
Indium Corporation receives Perfect Quality Award from ON Semiconductor for its “perfect” quality in 2015.
October -
Indium Corporation wins the Global Technology Award for Indium10.1HF Solder Paste at SMTA International Conference in Rosemont, Illinois.
December -
Indium Corporation releases a new solder research kit designed for soldering to gold using indium-based alloys.


February 24 -
Indium Corporation receives CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY’s NPI Award for its LV1000 flux coating for solder preforms at the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, California.
April 15 -
Indium Corporation President and COO Greg Evans receives the 2014 Cheongju City Businessman Award in Cheongju, South Korea.
July -
First commissioned on July 12, 1995, Indium Corporation’s Asia-Pacific Operations celebrates 20 years of service and supply to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets.


March 13 -
Indium Corporation celebrates 80 years in business. The day is proclaimed Indium Corporation Day in Oneida County, and in the cities of Rome and Utica, N.Y.
March -
Indium Corporation celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Live@APEX program.
September -
Indium Corporation announces new EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride.
September 30 -
Indium Corporation receives the Global Technology Award for its BiAgX® Solder Paste at SMTA International in Rosemont, Illinois.


August 5 -
The Indium Corporation commences initial operations in Rome, NY, U.S.A. The first process to become operational is germanium recovery.


July 19 -
Indium Corporation purchases a manufacturing building at 5836 Success Drive, Rome, NY, U.S.A.
December 16 -
Oneida-Herkimer-Madison County BOCES School and Business Alliance honors Indium Corporation with the Shining Star Company Award for its conscientious approach to providing quality job-shadowing experiences.


April 26 -
SMTA China names Indium Corporation as "Member Sponsor Of The Year" for support in organizing conferences, as well as for providing training and teaching.
November 8 -
Indium Corporation earns the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Customer Value Enhancement Award in the Surface Mount Technology Solder Paste market.



September 18 -
Indium Corporation acquires the processes, equipment, and know-how of Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), the developer and manufacturer of NanoFoil®.
October 8 -
Indium Corporation is presented with Intel’s Quality Operating System Award for their performance during the first two quarters of 2009.


March 18 -
Intel Corporation awards Indium Corporation their 2007 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award for its thermal interface materials.
April -
Indium Corporation earns the SMT China Vision Award for Indium8.9 Pb-Free, air-reflow, no-clean solder paste.
November 24 -
Operations commence at Indium Corporation's Cheongju, South Korea facility.


January 29 -
Indium Corporation's Asia-Pacific manufacturing facility expansion project is completed.
June 14 -
Indium Corporation earns the BMA Pro-Comm Award (Best of Division) in the online category for the electronics assembly industry's first online video advertisement. The multi-ad series "Indium Corporation: We Know SMT Inside and Out" depicts the lengths to which the team will go to thoroughly understand the SMT manufacturing process.
October 10 -
Director or Marketing Communications Rick Short is honored with the SMTA Excellence in International Leadership Award.
October 25 -
Indium Corporation is presented with Intel’s prestigious ATGM Supplier QOS+ (Quality Operating System +) Award for the 2nd quarter of 2007.
November 29 -
Indium Corporation purchases a manufacturing facility located at 111 Business Park Drive in Utica, NY, U.S.A.
December 7 -
Indium Corporation is named Business of the Year by the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Indium Corporation earns the Global Technology award for Solder Paste (Indium5.1AT) from Global SMT & Packaging Magazine at ATExpo 2006 in Rosemont, IL, U.S.A.; the SMT China Magazine VISION Award for Indium5.1AT Pb-Free Solder Paste during NEPCON China; and the EMAsia Magazine Innovation Award for Indium5.1AT Pb-Free Solder Paste during NEPCON China.
March 13 -
Indium Corporation is presented with Intel’s prestigious ATGM Supplier QOS+ (Quality Operating System +) Award for 2006.
April 19 -
Indium Corporation opens a sales office in Shenzhen, PRC.
September 18 -
Indium Corporation earns the Frost & Sullivan Solder Paste Customer Value Enhancement Award.
September 25 -
Indium Corporation's Chicago Manufacturing Operations is commissioned.

2005 & 2006

Indium Corporation earns the Global Technology award for No-Flow Underfill (NF260) from Global SMT & Packaging Magazine at PRODUCTRONICA 2005 in Munich; the Vision Award for our No-Flow Underfill (NF260) by SMT Magazine at APEX 2006; and the Innovation Award for our No-Flow Underfill (NF260) by EMAsia Magazine at NEPCON China 2006 in Shanghai.


January 1 -
Brian Craig assumes the role of managing director at Indium Corporation of Europe.
February 28 -
Indium Corporation enters the social media world and publishes its first blog post. The post is authored by Director of Marketing Communications Rick Short.
September 22 -
Indium Corporation Liuzhou (China) joint venture contract is officially sealed at a signing ceremony held at Liuzhou city offices.
September 27 -
Indium Corporation President Greg Evans is honored with the SMTA Founder's Award.


January 7 -
Indium Corporation commissions PRC Operations in Suzhou.


September -
Indium Corporation Senior Technologist Dr. Ronald C. Lasky earns the SMTA Founder's Award.

2002 & 2003

The Gillette Company honors Indium Corporation with their Omnimark Award twice for outstanding performance in quality and service for work as a supplier to Duracell Battery in 2002 and 2003.


Indium Corporation receives the 2002 Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for the development of NC-SMQ230 Pb-Free solder paste.
Indium Corporation establishes large-scale tape & reel solder preform packaging capabilities.
June 10 -
Indium Corporation's first e-commerce order is received. The order is for indium alloy ribbon.
September -
Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee is honored as the SMTA Member of Distinction.


February 7 -
Indium Corporation ships its first refrigerated container of solder paste from Singapore to Shenzhen, PRC.
February 26 -
Germanium Corporation of America purchases assets from Cabot Performance Materials Corporation and begins operations.


Indium Corporation earns a Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Customer Service Leadership Award for developments in the solder paste and adhesive markets.
April 10 -
Indium Corporation of Europe makes its first product shipment.



Indium Corporation earns a Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Customer Service Leadership Award for developments in the solder paste and adhesive markets.
November -
Indium Corporation of Europe re-locates to Milton Keynes, England.


September 1 -
Greg Evans is named president of Indium Corporation.


July 12 -
Indium Corporation's Asia-Pacific Operations is commissioned in Singapore.
October 6 -
The company’s first website is published at


March -
An Indium Corporation office is opened in Torino, Italy, to facilitate commercial indium trading.


Integrated® Solder Preforms are developed and introduced.
ASM International publishes an updated compendium of indium alloy phase diagrams. This work is edited by Charles E.T. White of Indium Corporation.
December 6 -
Indium Corporation relocates corporate headquarters to Robinson Road in Clinton, NY, U.S.A.


October 1 -
The United States patent office issues a patent for "Method of Forming a Gasket of Indium and Braid." This patent describes a method of manufacturing a reinforced gasket material known as InFORMS®.


February 1 -
Indium Corporation of Europe is founded.



February 1 -
Indium Corporation participates in experiments in outer space: Indium Float Zone Purification Experiment (in conjunction with Rockwell International) aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Mission STS-30, Atlantis; Microgravity Disturbances Experiment aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Mission STS-32, Columbia.


Indium Corporation designs, builds, and installs semi-continuous inorganic compound process equipment.


Indium Corporation's Electronics Chemicals Division is established.


Indium Corporation establishes a formal research and development department for solder research.


July -
The Indium Corporation establishes a manufacturing facility at Robinson Road in Clinton, NY, U.S.A. Our first solder powder is atomized.
December -
Motorola honors the Indium Corporation with their Motorola Semiconductor Products Vendor Recognition Award.


October -
Indium Corporation develops manufacturing capabilities for spherical solder powder production.


Charles E.T. White is elected Executive Vice President.
December 31 -
J. Robert Dyer, Jr. retires.



Indium Corporation commences development work to produce solder pastes.


April 4 -
William N. Macartney, Jr. retires.


William N. Macartney, III is named President of Indium Corporation.



William N. Macartney, III joins Indium Corporation as Director.


Frieda Nojeim joins Indium Corporation as Office Manager.


August 16 -
William N. Macartney, Jr. acquires Indium Corporation.


Indium Corporation is cited by the United States Bureau of Mines in their Mineral Facts and Problems: Bulletin 585, 1960 Edition. The article discusses the history of the discovery of indium, the search for indium metal in the USA, and uses for indium.


Indium Corporation develops indium inorganic compounds, including: indium oxide, indium-tin oxide, indium chloride, and indium hydroxide.



October 27 -
The United States patent office issues a patent for "Printing Circuits And Method Of Soldering The Same." This invention offers improvements to the process of soldering to printed circuit boards via enhancing the solderability and soldering of component leads and circuit board conductors.


October 21 -
The United States patent office issues the official registration for the trademark "Indalloy."


October 21 -
Indium Corporation of America publishes the first compendium of indium alloy phase diagrams.


Dr. William S. Murray is granted a patent for "motor fuel additive." The patent covers an additive to fuel that claims to improve the efficiency of the motor while reducing the deposition of carbon and sticking of valves during combustion.


Indium Corporation develops a commercially-viable process for the manufacture of precision solder preforms, enabling the mass production of alloy-junction transistors.


"Indium: Discovery, Occurrence, Development, Physical & Chemical Characteristics" is compiled and published by Indium Corporation's Maria T. Ludwick.



A manufacturing facility is established at Lincoln Avenue in Utica, NY, U.S.A.
January 26 -
Indium Corporation trademarks its "Pioneers In Element 49" logo, which has been in continuous use since 1941.
July 27 -
The Wall Street Journal features a story on Indium Corporation.
October 23 -
Business Week publishes a review outlining the many military and industrial contributions of Indium Corporation.


Indium metal is used to plate 1942 Studebaker automobile bumpers.
November 12 -
Indium Corporation is awarded the prestigious Army/Navy "E" Award for manufacturing excellence.
November 16 -
Indium Corporation and William S. Murray are featured in a TIME MAGAZINE article.


A company development laboratory is opened in New York City. Work is commissioned by the U.S. Bureau of Conservation of Materials.


Indium Corporation's New York City office is opened to support market development and promotional efforts.



Colgate University awards a doctor of science degree to William S. Murray for developing commercial uses of indium.


J. Robert Dyer, Jr. develops the process technology and plates the first indium-treated aircraft engine bearing.


March 13 -
Indium Corporation (originally known as The Indium Corporation of America) is founded in Utica, New York, USA. President: Dr. William S. Murray, Vice-President: J. Robert Dyer, Jr., Technical Director: Daniel Gray. 805 Watson Place, Utica, NY.