Thin-Film Materials

Thin-Film Materials

Indium Corporation offers a variety of materials for thin film deposition, including shot.

Features & Benefits

Indium Corporation supports all primary thin film cell fabrication processes, offering materials for:
  • Evaporation
  • Ink Printing
  • Plating

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Copper/Indium/Gallium Powder

CIG Powder

Alloy powders made from copper, indium, and gallium alloys can be used to produce high-efficiency CIGS (copper – indium – gallium – di-selenide) solar cells. Consistent, tightly controlled chemistry throughout the particles enable better control of the resulting solar cell chemistry and morphology.

CIG powder is available in various particle size distributions (PSD) and alloy compositions.

Evaporation Materials

Evaporation Materials

We offer the high quality materials and experienced technical support to help you get the most from your physical vapor deposition (PVD) process.

ITO Powder Chunks


ITO is normally deposited by a physical vapor deposition process such as D.C. magnetron sputtering or electron beam deposition. Less frequently, ITO can be incorporated in inks using an appropriate film-forming polymer resin and solvent system, and deposited by screen printing - albeit with lower transparency and conductivity compared to a physical deposition process.

Indium Tin Oxide is available as a powder, but can also be supplied in the form of ITO Targets for sputtering or ITO chunk for thermal evaporation.