Markets Served

We believe that materials science
changes the world.


Indium Corporation is supplying a variety of ESSENTIAL MARKETS during this Coronavirus crisis.
It’s our honor to support our customers as they manufacture:

Ventilators, pacemakers

Fire Suppression:

Fire sprinklers

Emergency Responders:

Advanced telecommunication devices


Automotive lighting, aerospace electronics

5G Market


The rise of 5G is enabling great advances in materials science. As more and more power is demanded for these devices, we must develop new processes and materials that can dissipate heat quickly and efficiently without compromising the integrity of the solder joint.
Indium Corporation supplies a full line of products that enable greater reliability and performance for all your packaging needs, such as:
  • InFORMS to improve bondline planarity and increase joint strength
  • Thermal interface materials that provide excellent thermal conductivity with no outgassing, pump-out or bake-out
Automotive Market


With increase electrification of automotive platforms, the complexities imposed by these systems ‐ higher voltages, higher power components, longer hours of operation, and higher temperatures ‐ on no-clean halogen-free solder pastes are only going to increase. It is critical, therefore, to specifically design automotive-grade materials that meet more stringent electrical reliability standards.
Indium Corporation supplies materials to almost all of the major automotive manufacturers. These include:
Defense Market


Your mission-critical needs demand high-reliability, high-performance materials. Indium Corporation’s precision products are designed to perform well in harsh environments, or wherever else your mission takes you.
Downhole Market


When field failures mean shutting down your operation for days or weeks at a time at extreme cost, it’s important to have high-reliability, high-performance materials that can stand up to even the harshest environments.

Driving e-Mobility

As reduced emissions and green technology become a global priority, are you keeping pace with the rapid adoption and evolution of e-Mobility? Discover Indium Corporation’s innovative high-reliability material solutions and thought leadership for this expanding market.
Infrastructure Market


The world is more connected than ever. As cities and telecom carriers move to adopt 5G networks, it’s imperative that its infrastructure can meet the rigorous demands of the populations it serves.
Laser/Fiber Optics Market

Laser/Fiber Optics

With Indium Corporation’s experience working with laser and optical manufacturers, we know that each of these products is unique to their end use. That’s why we offer a variety of material options for good thermal transfer, hermetic sealing, and component bonding and die-attach.
LED Market


LEDs play a significant role in our lives, from enhancing the safety of commuters on the road and pedestrians on city streets, to advertising the latest products and trends. Indium Corporation lights the way for LED manufacturing with solutions ranging from IndiTri for MOCVD precursors to flux-coated preforms and thermal interface materials.
Medical Market


High-reliability medical devices demand high-reliability materials. Indium Corporation offers a wide variety of products, including gold-alloy solder preforms, paste, solder wire, and solder sphere materials that are resistant to oxidation formation and corrosion, ensuring product reliability.
If product quality and reliability, quantity flexibility, and on-time delivery are part of your solder specification to assure efficient time-to-market, please click here to learn more, or contact us to find out what we can do for you.
MEMS Market


New technologies and the continuing demand for miniaturization are driving the need for increasingly smaller components in electronics assembly. Indium Corporation provides solutions for the challenges found in the microelectronics industry with the next generation materials – from semiconductor and advanced assembly materials to engineered solders.
Indium Corporation manufactures solder paste for MEMS lid-attach that dispenses consistently, reduces blow holes and solder creep, and improves yields.
Metal Refining and Reclaim Market

Metal Refining & Reclaim

Indium Corporation is a longtime supplier of reclaim services and has the largest capacity worldwide. Our program offers analytic reporting, high-yields, and competitive pricing for indium-containing materials.
Indium Corporation offers reclaim services for most indium-containing materials, including ITO, IZO, GIZO, spent targets, used bonding materials, and worn out/replaced cryogenic seals. For more information, please click here for more information or contact us.
Mobile Market


Handheld mobile devices are facing higher demands than ever – better cameras, better displays, and better battery life – all compacted into increasingly smaller spaces. Indium Corporation delivers products that can help you overcome these fine feature challenges.
PCBA Market


Electronics assembly is one of the fastest changing, most demanding markets on the planet. As the electronics industry evolves to increasingly smaller, sophisticated, and more powerful devices, Indium Corporation continues to provide leading-edge materials and technology to solve today’s and tomorrow’s assembly challenges.
Power Modules Market

Power Modules

A variety of industries are requiring more and more power from power electronics. As this trend continues, it is critical that we continue to research and develop materials that can meet power electronics’ thermal, voiding, and all-around reliability needs.
RF/Microwave Market

RF / Microwave

With the advancements in communications networks and increased performance requirements, it’s important to have high-reliability, high-performance materials that can stand up to demanding environments.
Thermal Management Market

Thermal Management

Thermal management is critical to end-product performance and reducing the risk of product failure. Proper thermal management enables electronics devices, such as mobile phones, cell tower antennas, and lighting systems to operate at cooler temperatures, providing increased efficiencies, performance, and longevity.
Indium Corporation is a leader in the development of both solder and metal-based thermal interface materials (TIMs). Most of our thermal interface materials are metal-based, which means they have a very high conductivity as compared to polymer-based TIMs. Indium metal, for instance, as a conductivity of 86W/mK and is 4 times softer than lead. Its ductility and thermal conductivity make it ideal as a compressible thermal interface material. Products include:
  • Heat-Springs® ‐ a compressible TIM that can improve contact between two surfaces to dissipate heat
  • m2TIM ‐ a unique solid/liquid hybrid TIM that combines liquid metal with a solid metal preform
  • Solder TIMs ‐ in a wide range of alloys that can be reflowed for attachment
  • Liquid metal TIMs for high-performance devices