Thermal Evaporation & PVD Coating

Thermal Evaporation & PVD Coating

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Indium Corporation offers thermal evaporation materials for thin-film deposition. The purity of source material is as important as the equipment used for deposition. We offer the high quality materials and experienced technical support to help you get the most from your physical vapor deposition (PVD) process.
Thermal Evaporation & PVD Coating
Below is a chart that outlines the types of materials and the forms in which you can get those materials.
Material Round Shot Teardrop Shot Chunks Custom Forms Crucible Filling Custom Crucible Inserts
In X X   X X X
ITO     X      
Ga X       X  
InGa X X   X X  
Physical Properties of Common Elements for Thermal Evaporation
  Indium Gallium Copper Selenium
Atomic Number 49 31 29 34
Boiling Point 2072°C 2204°C 2562°C 685°C
Melting Point 157°C 29.8°C 1084°C 221°C
Density 7.31g/cm³ 6.10g/cm³ 8.94g/cm³ 4.28-4.81g/cm³
Atomic Weight 114.8g/mol 69.7g/mol 63.5g/mol 789.6g/mol
Physical Properties for Common Alloys for Thermal Evaporation
Melting Point 1500°C 1250°C 460°C 575°C
Density 7.16g/cm³ 7.52g/cm³ 7.91g/cm³ 8.45g/cm³

Pack Densities of Many Material Forms

Pack Densities

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