Indium Corporation is the leading manufacturer and supplier for package-attach soldering materials and thermal interface materials.
Emerging use cases for power electronics with SiC semiconductor technology are driving the need for advanced cooling systems. Traditional thermal interface materials simply cannot support the demands for thermal efficiency and mechanical integrity required to integrate high performance power modules with these cooling systems. Indium has developed state-of-the-art materials purpose-designed to meet the challenges in power module package-attach to cooler applications with robust reliability.


Package-Attach Solder Preform Technology

Designed to Reduce Process Temperatures for Power Electronics Package-Attach Applications

Indalloy®301-LT is a patented novel alloy that enables lower processing temperatures in preform soldering. This bismuth-free alloy enables low-temperature processing without sacrificing reliability like the traditional bismuth-containing low-temperature alloys. By leveraging this alloy technology in solder preform applications, designers can maintain precise solder volume, consistent manufacturability, and high-quality flux-free soldering performance. Further, Indalloy®301-LT availability in InFORMS® configurations offers a complementary solution for consistent bondline thickness and improved strength to enhance thermal and mechanical reliability of the solder joint while reducing processing temperature and energy input during manufacturing.

  • Reduced reflow peak temperatures
  • Prevents delamination and warpage in molded power module package-attach
  • Enables step soldering with Pb-free alloys
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Solid reliability performance (TST -40°C—125°C)
  • Prevents encapsulation breakdown
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Robust reliability

Indalloy®301-LT alloy can reduce peak reflow temperature by 50°C compared to commonly used alloys in power electronics assembly, with higher reliability than other standard low-temperature offerings. This enables complementary Pb-free high-reliability alloy technologies such as Indalloy®276 to be used in power module die-attach, component attach, or interconnects without the risk of re-melt and degraded performance. Indalloy301-LT is available in preforms, ribbon, or InFORMS® configurations and can be offered flux-free or with Indium Corporation’s flux coating technology.

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Indium Corporation’s InFORMS®ESM02 is a reinforced solder fabrication that produces a high-reliability solder joint with increased thermal and mechanical performance. The matrixed solder composite is specifically designed to produce consistent bondline thickness for die-level attach applications.

Until recently, InFORMS® technology was only applied at the baseplate level. New production capabilities have expanded its use to the die-level with a bondline of 50μm.


Silver Sintering

Indium Corporation’s QuickSinter® silver sintering pastes are another lead-free option for die-attach applications. They are high metal-loading materials designed to fit easily into a dispense process with no change of deposition equipment. The pastes can also use fast "reflow-like" (RFL) sintering processes to form strong joints on many standard leadframe, DBC, and IPM pad finishes, and will bond strongly to die with Ag, Au, or Cu surfaces.

Solder Preforms
Solder Ribbon

Solder Preforms and Ribbon

Solder preforms are used in a variety of applications that require precise amounts of solder. With hundreds of alloys to choose from and a refined manufacturing process focused on low-voiding power electronics applications, Indium Corporation provides design engineers with optimal solder preforms to maintain reliability in next generation power electronics applications. We offer solder preforms in standard shapes such as squares, rectangles, washers, and discs. Smaller and larger sizes, as well as custom shapes, are also available. Dimensions can be held to tight tolerances to assure volume accuracy.

High-quality solder ribbon manufactured by Indium Corporation is available in many standard alloys and sizes. Ribbon can also be custom-made to your unique material and dimensional requirements. Solder ribbon is supplied in continuous lengths and is packaged on spools. Whether you are looking for large quantities of solder ribbon in specific widths and thicknesses for automatic die bonding, or a few feet to do testing, Indium Corporation can accommodate your needs.

Reinforced Solder Preforms



InFORMS® are reinforced solder preforms that help maintain a uniform bondline thickness. This maximizes the thermal and mechanical reliability of the solder joint, along with improving its strength. InFORMS® can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, including rectangles and discs, as well as custom shapes to suit specific application requirements. InFORMS® also come in the form of ribbon for integration with high-volume automated power module assembly systems.

Alloy Technology

Indium Corporation is a leading alloy innovator for electronics assembly. When even 10 ppm of contamination can cause process and application failures—quality counts. We cast our alloys, which enables us to closely control the process from start to finish and ensure purity. With more than 220 alloys available, we have alloy solutions for temperatures up to 1100°C to meet the requirements of different die-attach applications.