TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2

TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2

Indium Corporation continues to lead the way in developing cutting-edge thermal interface materials (TIMs) and processes, including applications for TIM1, TIM1.5, and TIM2.
  • TIM1: Solder preforms are used as a solder thermal interface material between a processor die and a heat-spreader at the TIM1 level.
  • TIM1.5: In mobile applications or bare die applications, such as laptops or video graphics boards, there is no heat-spreader. Instead, the die is in direct contact with the cooling solution. That is why we call this thermal interface level TIM1.5. Here we recommend our compressible thermal materials, such as Heat-Springs® or liquid metal
  • TIM2: In the TIM2 level between the heat-spreader and the heat-sink we also recommend our compressible interface material - Heat-Springs® or liquid metal
TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2

Thermal Interface Materials

Although many TIM1 soldering processes use indium-containing materials to obtain the lowest thermal resistance for IC cooling, our engineers and industry partners have developed a new system that out-performs the status-quo. This patented system is called mdTIM.

Pure indium metal has a superb thermal transfer rate, but air or gas pockets (voids) can degrade the performance of the material. These voids are created by entrapped air or gasses produced by flux component evaporation that fail to escape during reflow.

MdTIM does not use flux so you don’t have issues caused by outgassing. Additionally, mdTIM provides you with a thermal conductivity of 87w/mK.

This patented system of materials and reflow technology eliminates voids before they can become a problem.

TIM1, TIM1.5, TIM2 Products

To learn more about this technology, contact us at mdTIM@indium.com