The term die-attach is reserved for processes where the face of a die is attached to a substrate by a single joint. The joint may be polymer (adhesive), metal-filled polymer, or in the form of solder derived from a preform, solder paste, or solder wire.
Indium Corporation manufactures die-attach wire, and die-attach paste. We also offer a product called BiAgX®, which is a drop-in replacement for high lead-containing solders.
Die-Attach Solder Wire

Die-Attach Solder Wire

Indium Corporation manufactures a soft solder (Fluxless) wire for die-attach applications. This high-quality, soft solder wire results in higher yields with fewer interruptions in production. It features:

  • High purity raw materials
  • Precise and consistent diameters
  • Tightly controlled alloy chemistry
  • Ultra-low oxide levels are controlled for enhanced wetting performance
  • Manufactured to a specific process or piece of equipment
Die-Attach Paste

Die-Attach Paste

Although there are four major processes for die-attach, solder-based processes are still the most popular, as they provide high reliability with ease of processing. Indium Corporation’s die-attach solder paste is typically a dispensable, high melting-point solder paste, which is reflowed in forming gas (H2N2 mix).

  • Key Performance Needs
  • Low voiding in reflow
  • Long dispense life
  • No tailing
  • No separation
  • Bubble-free packaging
  • Residue-free cleaning or residue compatible with overmolding process
NC-SMQ Product Specifications

"Power-Safe" NC-SMQ®75 Die-Attach Solder Paste

NC-SMQ®75 is the only solder paste suitable for use in non-cleaned clip-bonded applications in power semiconductor die-attach assemblies. It has:

  • Superior wetting capabilities compared to most low residue formulations
  • Trouble-free probe testing
  • No-residue appearance
BiAgX<sup>®</sup> 75


BiAgX®75 is a high-melting, lead-free solder paste technology that serves as a drop-in replacement for the high-Pb solder pastes used in many high-reliability, die-attach, and electronics assembly applications.