High-Performance Precision Gold Preforms

Gold Preforms

Indium Corporation provides high-performance precision gold preforms. Indium Corporation’s manufacturing Engineers have developed advanced gold and braze preform manufacturing technology to produce "best in class" precision preforms. These high-quality preforms redefine the boundaries of what’s capable in regard to complex designs and aggressive aspect ratios. Eutectic and off-eutectic options available in preforms and ribbon.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide Pure Au, AuSn, AuGe, AuSi
  • Broad range of geometric capabilities
  • Custom designs
  • State-of-the-art stamping technology
  • Precision-made, high-quality parts
  • World-class in-house tooling expertise
  • Industry-leading quality inspection and measurement techniques
  • Engineering support from design to production
  • Standard packaging options include bulk, layer, waffle, and tape & reel
  • Custom packaging available
    • Thickness from 0.0127mm (0.0005”) and greater
    • Tight dimensional tolerances ensure repeatable solder volume
    • Flatness measurement capabilities to 0.00254mm (0.0001”)
    • Large die library with in-house tooling capabilities
    • Tiny solid shapes from 0.152mm (0.006”)
    • High aspect ratio and complex special shapes
High Temperature Joining Materials for Brazing
AuLTRA™ ThInFORMS™ for Die-Attach Applications


Indium Corporation’s AuLTRA ThInFORMS are an excellent choice for die-attach applications. By using a preform with a thickness of 0.00035", the BLT is reduced and thermal transfer from the die to the substrate is improved, increasing the operational performance and efficiency of high-output lasers. Packaging designed for automated assembly of these preforms ensures repeatable success in a production process.

AuLTRA™-Fine Ribbon for Die-Attach Applications

AuLTRA Fine Ribbon

Indium Corporation developed our AuLTRA Fine Ribbon, 182 fine-grade precision ribbon, for high-volume, fully automated laser diode assembly processes. For these auto-feed systems, the precision and quality of the ribbon and spooling is of the utmost importance along with long, continuous lengths. These features help minimize production down-time and facilitate an efficient, high-throughput process resulting in a high quality end product and low cost of ownership.

Off-eutectic Gold Preforms

Off-eutectic alloy's solidus (not melted) and liquidus (completely melted) temperatures are different. The difference creates a molten range where the mixture looks plastic or pasty. With Gallium Nitride (GaN) dies becoming popular in high frequency, high power, and high reliability RF power amplifier devices for 5G and other critical military and aerospace wireless communications, soldering for these popular dies can be very challenging. GaN dies have a thick gold plating to prevent oxidation, about ten times thicker than usual. This gold plating can skew the final joint composition, post reflow, away from a final joint composition of 80Au20Sn. It’s extremely crucial that the solder joint maintain the eutectic composition of 80Au20Sn to benefit from all the unique properties of the alloy, mainly the high joint strength.

Off-eutectic product development becomes a solution to the soldering of the gold-rich die. By lowering the gold content of the alloy, there is room for the solder to absorb some of the gold from the plating and end up with a final strong joint comprised of the eutectic 80Au20Sn.

Off-eutectic alloys from Indium Corporation
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Alloy Temperature (solidus) Temperature (liquidus)
Au75Sn25 – Indalloy®270278332
Au78Sn22 – Indalloy®269278301
Au79Sn21 - Indalloy®271278289

Precision Die-Attach Preforms

Precision Die-Attach Preforms

Indium Corporation's Au-based PDA preforms offer the NEW Gold Standard - the highest level of quality to deliver the best performance possible in critical, high-reliability die-attach applications. PDA Preforms are built to stringent tolerances with precision edge quality and very precise in solder volume, yielding excellent bondline thickness (BLT) control, solder bonding, and thermal transfer.

Features include:
  • Highly accurate thickness control
  • Precise edge quality
  • Optimized cleanliness
  • Default waffle pack method
  • Available for gold-based alloys

Precision Packaging

Indium Corporation’s packaging protects your solder preforms during shipping and handling, and is designed for ease of introduction into the manufacturing process.

  • Jar or bulk pack
  • Array tray pack
  • Waffle pack
  • Bulk tray pack
  • Tape & reel

Gold Preform Quick Turn Program

Need a gold preform right away? Contact us for our Quick Turn Program:
  • Designed to deliver parts quickly and affordably
  • New design, new tool, prototype quantities in 1-2 WEEKS
  • Engineering support from design to production
  • Gold and Gold-Based Solders in a Variety of Forms

Need a gold preform right away? Contact us for help choosing the right materials for your brazing and soldering applications.

Gold Preform Facility