Wave Soldering

Wave Soldering

Indium Corporation offers a variety of state-of-the-art and traditional wave soldering products that meet IPC J-STD, Department of Defense, and telecom specifications, as well as customer-specific commercial specifications for wave and selective soldering operations.

Wave soldering is the preferred method of assembly for high-volume, low-complexity circuit boards. Selective soldering is becoming much more common as assemblers need to reliably add a small number of components onto surface mount boards.

Indium Corporation’s technical support and development staff have many years of experience with both wave and selective soldering applications so that they can assist our customers with a variety of materials and process recommendations designed to maximize yield and reduce overall costs. Additionally, we have formed relationships with many of the soldering equipment manufacturers so that we can deliver coordinated solutions.

Wave Soldering
Wave Solder Flux

Wave Flux

Wave soldering flux is the heart of the wave soldering operation. There are many types of soldering fluxes. Picking the correct flux chemistry depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The solderability level of the parts to be assembled
  • The type of finish or coating used on the assembly
  • The flux application method
  • Cleaning requirements of the assembly
  • The application environment of the completed assembly
  • Wave Solder Fluxes are available as:
Bar Solder

Bar Solder

Indium offers all of the most common tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common alloys are listed below. Additionally, Indium Corporation will produce virtually any soft solder alloy in extruded bar form (or cast ingot), including tin-silver, high lead-containing, tin-antimony, and tin-bismuth alloys for specialty applications.

  • Common Bar Solder Alloys
    • Indalloy® 291
    • Sn63
    • SAC305
    • SAC0307 (low silver, lead-free SAC)
    • Sn995 (no silver, lead-free)
Solder and Solder Dross Recycle Program

Solder and Solder Dross Recycle Program

Indium Corporation offers environmentally conscious and resource optimizing solder recycling services. Both the solder dross tolling and assured recycling programs give customers a fully-integrated, turnkey assembly materials solution.