Power Semiconductor

Power Semiconductor

Indium Corporation provides solder ribbon and solder preforms for die-attach applications. Tape & reel packaging allows preforms to be advanced and placed with speed and accuracy. Semiconductor-grade ribbon and preforms come in ultra-pure alloys and adaptable packaging, such as tape & reel, custom spools, and cartridge packs, to increase productivity, performance, and efficiencies.
Power Semiconductor


Indium Corporation manufactures die-attach solder paste for vacuum soldering. Indium Corporation's IGBT die-attach solder paste can be screen printed or stencil printed and is easy to clean.

All material is recyclable and reclaimable.

Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) or Substrate-Attach

Indium Corporation's soldering materials for DBC-attach include solder ribbon and solder preforms. Manufactured for purity, they offer low voiding when reflowed in air or vacuum.

InFORMS® were developed to solve the non-planar solder joint issue common in substrate bonding. InFORMS® are reinforced solder alloy fabrications that ensure parallel soldering at a predetermined bondline thickness.

NanoFoil® solders a component in nanoseconds without using a reflow oven. NanoFoil® provides a localized heat source that enables high strength, high conductivity bonding between most combinations of materials. NanoFoil® emits enough energy to solder 25-150+ micron bondlines. In addition, tin-plated NanoFoil has been used to solder gold-plated substrates together without the need for a reflow oven or any plating. For more information, visit www.indium.com/nanofoil/.

Heat-Sink or Baseplate-Attach

Removing heat from a power module is important for ensuring interconnect reliability. Indium Corporation's Heat-Spring® material is a non-reflow compressible metal pad with a thermal conductivity of 86W/mK. Unlike some of the more typical thermal interface materials, such as thermal grease, Heat-Springs® do not pump out or bake out.

Heat-Springs® can be engineered and optimized for difficult applications and a wide variety of surface conditions. Minimum pressure required is 25-45psi and minimum thickness is 75 microns. Custom packaging includes tape & reel and tray packs. See our application note entitled "Heat-Spring® Metallic Thermal Interface Materials for Application to Infineon Technologies AG PrimePACK IGBT Modules" for information on how Indium Corporation's Heat-Springs® performed in testing against a comparable flat indium shim and two typical silicone-based thermal grease materials.

Liquid metal is another material that can be used as a thermal interface. Liquid metal is RoHS-compliant and has a thermal conductivity of 40W/mK and a contact resistance of virtually zero.

Materials for Heat-Sink or Baseplate-Attach