High-Purity Indium

High-Purity Indium

High purity indium from Indium Corporation is the starting material for all indium-based compound semiconductor substrates.

Features & Benefits

Indium metal is extracted from indium-bearing ore and is refined to various grades in high volume utilizing state-of-the-art SPC-controlled refining technologies. Rigorous quality standards and advanced analytical instrumentation such as ICP and GDMS ensures consistent product quality from lot-to-lot.

High-Purity Indium

High-Purity indium is used as the starting material in the manufacture of indium-based groups III-V, including:

  • InP
  • InAs
  • InSb
  • InGaAs
  • InGaAsP

These compounds semiconductors find use in ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells, infrared detectors, infrared LEDs, and electronic switching applications where silicon-based devices are not suitable.

High-purity indium is also used as the starting material and reacted with Ga, P, Sb, etc. to produce polycrystalline InGa, InP, InSb, etc. The poly crystalline compound is then grown into a single crystal using Czochralski or Bridgeman single-crystal growth techniques to produce a single-crystal boule. The boule is then sliced into wafers, which are subsequently fabricated into individual semiconductor devices.

High-purity indium is also used as the source material for semiconductor epitaxial layering using liquid phase, vapor phase, or molecular beam epitaxy.

High-purity indium is available as ingots and shot in 6N and 6H5 purities.