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  • Are you having a tough time figuring out how to hold a fragile part during machining steps? I have an idea for you: hold it with a fusible alloy.

    “Fusible Alloys” refers to a family of low-melting point alloys. These are often indium or bismuth-based, and some melt near room temperature. Imagine a material that offers the rigidity of metal, and can be melted away with hot water…

    This isn’t a new idea, but it may be new to you. We are here to help you find a solution. Currently, fusible alloys are commonly used to hold workpieces for post-processing. One ubiquitous example is the polishing of eye glasses. A fusible alloy is cast onto the glass and used to hold it during the following steps of its creation. When the glass processing is complete, the fusible alloy is easily melted away from the part and can be reused multiple times.

    So, how will you use this method?