Lead-Free (Pb-Free)

No-Clean Lead-Free (Pb-Free) Solder Paste

Indium Corporation is proud to be your premier supplier of Pb-free solder paste.

Lead-Free Solder Paste Features & Benefits

As a leader in soldering technology, Indium Corporation offers a number of solder pastes for Pb-free assembly. We offer many different alloy choices and flux technologies to solve many of your process challenges.
Indium Corporation’s Pb-free solder pastes are ideal for miniaturized components and fine-pitch assembly. They provide first-class printing and robust reflow performance and are all designed to AVOID THE VOID®.
Preferred Products
Product Name Value Proposition
Indium8.9HF Best all-around halogen-free paste
Indium8.9HF1 Enables in-circuit probe testing
Indium10.8HF Addresses non-wet opens (NWOs)
Indium10.1 Best all-around halogen-containing solder paste
Product Name Value Proposition
Indium10.1HF Ultra-low voiding in air reflow
Indium8.9HFA Superior printing for miniaturization
Indium8.9 Eliminates head-in-pillow (HiP)
Indium12.8HF Specifically for fine-feature printing
Indium8.9E Excellent print transfer efficiency for the broadest range of processes
Indium8.9HFC Specially formulated to accommodate higher processing temperatures
Indium10.2HFA Unprecedented stencil print transfer efficiency
NC-SMQ230 A SAC solder paste with consistent repeatable printing performance combined with long stencil and tack times
Indium10.2HF A halogen-free SAC solder paste with excellent resistance to head-in-pillow (HIP) and non-wet opens (NWO) and unprecedented stencil print transfer efficiency
Indium5.8LS A halogen-free SAC solder paste designed for maximum print transfer efficiency and elimination of flux spattering

As a leader in soldering technology, Indium Corporation has a variety of tried and true solder pastes for Pb-free circuit board assembly. Here are some additional solder pastes designed to help you with many of your soldering challenges.

Low-Temperature Products
Product Name Value Proposition SDS
Indium5.7LT-1 A low-temperature, Pb-free solder paste designed for assembly processes using Bi-based and In-based low-temperature alloys. PDF
NC-SMQ80 An InSn solder paste specially designed for low temperature applications that need high mechanical reliability PDF

Key Features:

  • Low bottom termination component (BTC) voiding
  • Enhanced post reflow flux residue electrical reliability
  • Strong oxidation barrier promotes complete coalescence and HIP resistanceStrong oxidation barrier promotes complete coalescence
  • Resists flux spread to prevent surfaces from oxidizing


Looking for an SMT Solder Paste that has Superior Printing and Voiding Performance?

  • Want enhanced electrical reliability to ensure your product life reliability?
  • Need it to be stable for room temperature storage and have a long stencil life?
We have your solution!

Indium8.9HF is a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste that delivers versatility and stability in the printing process. Under optimal process conditions, Indium8.9HF:



  • Halogen-free, Pb-free, no-clean
  • High transfer efficiency with low variability
  • Unique resilient oxidation barrier technology
    • Eliminates Head-in-Pillow (HiP) defects
    • Eliminates graping defects and promotes complete coalescence
  • Robust reflow capability
    • Low-voiding with a vast array of thermal profiles and component styles
    • Wide processing window, which accommodates various board sizes and throughput requirements, and minimizes potential defects
  • Excellent pin-in-paste printability, solderability, and hole fill
  • Clear, restricted, encapsulating flux reside with enhanced electrical reliability (SIR/ECM)
  • Consistent lot-to-lot performance after storage and throughout the assembly process
  • Backwards compatible with Sn/Pb alloys

Key Features:

  • Superior probe-testability
  • Outstanding BTC voiding minimization performance
  • Excellent print transfer efficiency and response-to-pause performance


8.9HF1 Solder Paste Enables In-circuit Probe Testing

Avoid the Void® Plus Exceptional In-Circuit Testing Performance with Indium8.9HF1

Indium8.9HF1 is specifically formulated to deliver outstanding voiding performance for bottom-terminated components (BTC) - plus a soft pliable flux residue post reflow, provides unprecedented in-circuit testing (ICT) and flying-probe testing first pass yields.

Enhanced ICT Performance:

Indium8.9HF1 is a Pb-free, no-clean solder paste intended for both air and nitrogen reflow that produces:

  • Fewer false testing failures which equates to faster cycle times and less rework
  • Highest first-pass yields in ICT
  • Soft post-reflow flux residue
Other Features:
  • Halogen-free per EN14582 test method
  • Outstanding BTC voiding minimization performance
  • High oxidation barrier eliminates graping and HiP defects
  • Provides a molten solder oxidation barrier that prevents further oxidation during reflow and Improves coalescence of small deposits
  • Excellent print transfer efficiency

Key Features:

  • Best-in-class high speed printing
  • Optimal print performance for the smallest components and apertures
  • Halogen-free and Pb-free


Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste Delivers Superior Printing for Miniaturization

Leading Print Performance on Miniaturized Components

Indium8.9HFA is a versatile, halogen-free, Pb-free solder paste with leading print performance on miniaturized components.

Print performance is especially critical for manufacturers of mobile phones and other personal electronics devices, especially as they struggle with <8mil challenges associated with continuing miniaturization in the electronics assembly industry.

Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste provides:
  • Low Cost of Ownership & High Print Yields
    • Unsurpassed transfer efficiency for consistent, full volume print deposits (8 mil), results in reduced frequency of insufficients and high first-pass print yields
    • Low print pressure and excellent response-to-pause saves time and money on stencils and line changes
    • Solvent-free dry-wiping reduces costs
  • Increased throughput
    • Higher print speed and reduced wipe frequency enables short cycle time, high up-time, and high throughput printing
Indium8.9HFA works best in applications that require:
  • Fine feature printing that present challenges for yields (area ratios <0.66); this includes most personal electronics applications
  • High speed printing applications (>100mm/second or >4 inches/second)

Key Features:

  • Lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and CSPs
  • Oxidation inhibition promotes complete coalescence after long reflow profiles
  • Excellent HIP and graping performance


Indium10.1 Solder Paste Best All-around Halogen-containing Paste

Leading Print Performance on Miniaturized Components

Indium Corporation’s Indium10.1 Solder Paste is a Pb-free halogen-containing solder paste with the lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and pads with large ground planes.

The oxidation-inhibiting properties of Indium10.1 solder pastes promote industry-leading head-in-pillow and graping resistance, with complete coalescence, even after long reflow profiles. The exceptional soldering ability of Indium10.1 solder paste makes it the best solution for components with less-than-ideal solderability and challenging RF shield metallizations.

Indium10.1 solder paste enables the lowest cost of ownership to PCB assembly manufacturers through an all-around balanced performance in both high print and soldering yields. It boasts a versatile, well-balanced set of properties with best-in-class printing and soldering performance. Indium10.1 solder paste provides industry-leading print definition and transfer efficiency, low voiding performance, and head-in-pillow and graping resistance.

Indium10.1 works best in applications that require:

  • Wetting performance on difficult to solder or oxidized metallizations
  • Low BTC voiding
  • Outstanding HIP performance

Key Features:

  • Excellent non-wet open and HIP resistance
  • Low voiding on BGA/CSP/QFN
  • Outstanding print transfer and response-to-pause performance
  • Good all-around balanced performance


Indium10.8HF Pb-Free Solder Paste Addresses Non-Wet Opens (NWOs)

Indium10.8HF solder paste enables low cost-of-ownership to PCB assembly customers through an all-around balanced performance, including stencil printing yields, voiding, and soldering yields.

Indium10.8HF is versatile, with a balanced set of properties:
  • Meets leading OEM standards for
    non-wet open resistance
  • Oxidation barrier technology delivers strong resistance to:
    • Head-in-pillow defects
    • Graping (non-coalescence of powder particles)
  • Strong surface oxide cleaning and pad wetting during reflow ramp
  • Low voiding on BGSs, CSPs, and QFNs
  • Outstanding printing performance with high transfer efficiency and low variability
  • Excellent response-to-pause
Indium10.8HF works best in applications that require:
  • Warpage induced defect elimination; such as non-wet open and HIP. These are typically BGA microprocessors with thin core substrates and high IO counts that are found in PCs and tablets.