Lead-Free (Pb-Free)

No-Clean Lead-Free (Pb-Free) Solder Paste

Indium Corporation is proud to be your premier supplier of Pb-free solder paste.

Features & Benefits

As a leader in soldering technology, Indium Corporation offers a number of solder pastes for Pb-free assembly. We offer many different alloy choices and flux technologies to solve many of your process challenges.
Indium Corporation’s Pb-free solder pastes are ideal for miniaturized components and fine-pitch assembly. They provide first-class printing and robust reflow performance and are all designed to AVOID THE VOID®.
Product Name Value Proposition
Indium8.9HF Best all-around halogen-free paste
Indium10.1HF Ultra-low voiding in air reflow
Indium8.9HF-1 Enables in-circuit probe testing
Indium8.9HFA Superior printing for miniaturization
Indium10.1 Best all-around halogen-containing solder paste
Indium10.8HF Addresses non-wet opens (NWOs)
Indium8.9 Eliminates head-in-pillow (HiP)
Indium11.8HF-SPR Specifically for mobile phone assemblies

As a leader in soldering technology, Indium Corporation has a variety of tried and true solder pastes for Pb-free circuit board assembly. Here are some additional solder pastes designed to help you with many of your soldering challenges.

Product Name Value Proposition SDS
NC-SMQ230 A SAC solder paste with consistent repeatable printing performance combined with long stencil and tack times PDF
Indium10.2HF A halogen-free SAC solder paste with excellent resistance to head-in-pillow (HIP) and non-wet opens (NWO) and unprecedented stencil print transfer efficiency PDF
Indium5.8LS A halogen-free SAC solder paste designed for maximum print transfer efficiency and elimination of flux spattering PDF
Indium5.7LT A BiSn low melting solder paste with high reliability for use in temperature sensitive applications PDF
NC-SMQ80 An InSn solder paste specially designed for low temperature applications that need high mechanical reliability PDF

Key Features:

  • Strong oxidation barrier promotes complete coalescence
  • Resists premature flux spread to prevent surfaces from oxidizing
  • Good for Pb and Pb-free Alloys
  • Halogen-free


Looking for an SMT Solder Paste that has Superior Printing and Voiding Performance?

  • Prefer to use one that is in volume production today?
  • Want it to be stable at room temperature and on the stencil?
We have your solution!

Indium8.9HF is a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste that delivers versatility and stability in the printing process. Under optimal process conditions, Indium8.9HF:


  • Halogen-free, Pb-free, no-clean
  • High transfer efficiency with low variability
  • Unique resilient oxidation barrier technology
    • Eliminates HIP defects
    • Eliminates graping
  • Robust reflow capability
    • Wide processing window, which accommodates various board sizes and throughput requirements, and minimizes potential defects
    • Low-voiding with a vast array of thermal profiles
  • Excellent pin-in-paste solderability and hole fill
  • Clear, restricted, encapsulating flux reside with high reliability
  • Consistent performance after storage and throughout the assembly process

Key Features:

  • Thermally stable residue designed to stay probe-testable
  • Fewer false testing failures mean quicker cycle times and less rework
  • Superior probe-testability


8.9HF-1 Solder Paste Enables In-circuit Probe Testing

Avoid the Void® Plus Exceptional In-Circuit Testing Performance with Indium8.9HF-1

Indium8.9HF-1 is specifically formulated to deliver outstanding voiding performance for bottom-terminated components (BTC) - plus a soft pliable flux residue post reflow, resulting in unprecedented in-circuit testing (ICT) and flying-probe testing first pass yields.

Enhanced ICT Performance:

Indium8.9HF-1 is a Pb-free, no-clean solder paste intended for both air and nitrogen reflow that produces:

  • Fewer false testing failures which equates to faster cycle times and less rework
  • Highest first-pass yields in ICT
  • Soft post-reflow flux residue
Other Features:
  • Halogen-free per EN14582 test method
  • Outstanding BTC voiding
  • High oxidation barrier eliminates graping and HiP defects
    • Provides a molten solder oxidation barrier
    • Improves coalescence of small deposits
    • Enhances electrical reliability (low activator)
  • Excellent print transfer efficiency

Bellcore and J-STD Tests & Results

J-STD-004 (IPC-TM-650)
Test Result
Flux Type Classification ROLO
EN14582 Halogen Content < 50ppm Br-
< 50ppm Cl-
Corrosion Pass
SIR (IPC-J-STD-004B) Pass
SIR (IPC-J-STD-004A) Pass
Electromigration (IPC-J-STD-004B) Pass
Copper Mirror (JIS Z 3197) Pass
J-STD-005 (IPC-TM-650)
Test Result
Malcom Solder Paste Viscosity (10rpm) 1300 poise (typical)
Tack Strength 40g (typical)
Solder Ball Test Pass
Wetting Test/td> Pass
Slump Test Pass
JIS Z 3197
Test Result
Copper Mirror Pass
Copper Mirror Plate Corrosion Pass

Recommended Relow Profile

SAC Alloy Reflow Profile Options

The stated profile recommendations apply to most Pb-free alloys in the SnAgCu (SAC) alloy system, including SAC305 (96.5Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu). This can be used as a general guideline in establishing a reflow profile when using Indium8.9HF-1 solder paste.

Key Features:

  • Best-in-class high speed printing
  • Optimal print performance for the smallest components and apertures
  • Halogen-free and Pb-free


8.9HFA Solder Paste Delivers Superior Printing for Miniaturization

Leading Print Performance on Miniaturized Components

Indium8.9HFA is a versatile, halogen-free, Pb-free solder paste with leading print performance on miniaturized components.

Print performance is especially critical for manufacturers of mobile phones and other personal electronics devices, especially as they struggle with <8mil challenges associated with continuing miniaturization in the electronics assembly industry.

Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste provides:
  • Low Cost of Ownership & High Print Yields
    • Unsurpassed transfer efficiency for consistent, full volume print deposits (8 mil), results in reduced frequency of insufficients and high first-pass print yields
    • Low print pressure and excellent response-to-pause saves time and money on stencils and line changes
    • Solvent-free dry-wiping reduces costs
  • Increased throughput
    • Higher print speed and reduced wipe frequency enables short cycle time, high up-time, and high throughput printing

Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste is part of Indium Corporation's Indium8.9 series of solder pastes. The series was designed to provide multi-faceted performance characteristics, bringing the right balance of solder paste attributes tailored specifically to your manufacturing process. Each paste in the series was developed to optimize print performance and mitigate common defects faced by manufacturers of personal electronics, such as QFN voiding, head-in-pillow, and graping.

Indium8.9HFA works best in applications that require:
  • Fine feature printing that present challenges for yields (area ratios <0.66); this includes most personal electronics applications
  • High speed printing applications (>100mm/second or >4 inches/second)

Key Features:

  • Lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and CSPs
  • Oxidation inhibition promotes complete coalescence after long reflow profiles
  • Excellent HIP, graping performance


10.1 Solder Paste Best All-around Halogen-containing Paste

Leading Print Performance on Miniaturized Components

Indium Corporation’s Indium10.1 Solder Paste is a Pb-free halogen-containing solder paste with the lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and pads with large ground planes.

The oxidation-inhibiting properties of Indium10.1 solder pastes promote industry-leading head-in-pillow and graping resistance, with complete coalescence, even after long reflow profiles. The exceptional soldering ability of Indium10.1 solder paste makes it the best solution for components with less-than-ideal solderability and challenging RF shield metallizations.

Indium10.1 solder paste enables the lowest cost of ownership to PCB assembly manufacturers through an all-around balanced performance in both high print and soldering yields. It boasts a versatile, well-balanced set of properties with best-in-class printing and soldering performance. Indium10.1 solder paste provides industry-leading print definition and transfer efficiency, low voiding performance, and head-in-pillow and graping resistance.

Indium10.1 Solder Paste is part of Indium Corporation’s family of high performance, lead-free solder pastes. The series was designed to provide multi-faceted performance characteristics, bringing the right balance of solder paste attributes tailored specifically to each specific manufacturing process. Each paste in the series was developed to optimize print performance and mitigate common defects faced by manufacturers of personal electronics, such as QFN voiding, head-in-pillow, and graping.

Key Features:

  • Excellent non-wet open resistance
  • Low voiding on BGA/CSP/QFN
  • Superior printing performance
  • Good all-around balanced performance


Indium10.8HF Pb-Free Solder Paste Addresses Non-Wet Opens (NWOs)

Indium10.8HF solder paste enables low cost-of-ownership to PCB assembly customers through an all-around balanced performance, including stencil printing yields, voiding, and soldering yields.

Indium10.8HF is versatile, with a balanced set of properties:
  • Meets leading OEM standards for
    non-wet open resistance
  • Oxidation barrier technology delivers strong resistance to:
    • Head-in-pillow defects
    • Graping (non-coalescence of powder particles)
  • Strong surface oxide cleaning and pad wetting during reflow ramp
  • Low voiding on BGSs, CSPs, and QFNs
  • Outstanding printing performance with high transfer efficiency and low variability
  • Excellent response-to-pause

Indium10.8HF solder paste is best suited for applications with non-wet open induced defects. These are typically BGA microprocessors with thin core substrates and high IO counts that are found in PCs and tablets.