Avoid the Void®

Avoid shortened product life; avoid field failures; avoid customer dissatisfaction, plus a whole lot more with Indium Corporation’s advanced solder paste technology.

Indium Corporation’s suite of solder pastes offers formulations designed to deliver low-voiding, plus enhanced benefits such as improved response-to-pause, stability, HiP minimization, reliable in-circuit testing, and enhanced SIR performance.

QFN Spectrum

Indium8.9HF Solder Paste

Indium8.9HF Solder Paste provides consistent performance after room temperature or cold storage, and throughout the assembly process.

Storage Conditions
(unopened containers)
Shelf Life
<10°C 12 months
<25°C 30 days max

Room Temperature Stable

Room Temperature Stable

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Indium10.1HF Solder Paste

Indium10.1HF Solder Paste minimizes solder beading and offers outstanding performance compared to the competitive material.

The solder beading test is designed to be a worst-case scenario and uses pad designs that aggravate solder beading.

Solder Beading Test
Paste 0402 0603
65 16
Indium10.1HF 7 6
Solder Bonding

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Indium8.9HF-1 Solder Paste

Indium8.9HF-1 Solder Paste provides industry-leading ICT probing first-pass yields due to the ease of probe penetration through the soft residue.

The following data represents an evaluation of Indium8.9HF-1 vs. four competitive materials in a production environment. Indium8.9HF-1 produced the best ICT First Pass Yield and exceptional printing First Pass Yield.

Solder Paste SMT ICT
FPY Passed/Total FPY
G 20/20 100% 6/20 30%
C 20/20 100% 13/20 65%
B 20/20 100% 19/20 95%
D 20/20 100% 19/20 95%
Indium8.9HF-1 20/20 100% 20/20 100%

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Indium10.1 Solder Paste

Indium10.1 Solder Paste virtually eliminates the head-in-pillow defect (HiP) with industry-leading oxidation barrier flux technology.

Failed Solder Joint

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