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Indium Sulfide for Thin Film Solar Cells

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  • Here’s an interesting technology fact I just learned: Indium Sulfide was the very first indium compound to be discovered. I bet Reich and Richter (the discovers of indium) never imagined that smelly little compound would be used build solar modules and provide electricity.

    Indium sulfide can be used in thin-film solar cells as a buffer layer between the active layer (the part that converts light into energy) and the TCO (transparent conductive oxide layer (the part that carries electricity on top of the cell while still letting the light through). On the picture from NREL (left), the yellow layer is the Indium Sulfide buffer. Traditionally, cadmium sulfide has been used as a buffer layer, indium sulfide is a cadmium-free alternative buffer layer.

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    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert