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Best Known Methods for Solder

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  • When I was a kid I had a Rubik’s Cube.  My friends had these puzzles as well.  I never figured mine out, and from the examples I saw of friends cubes – they never got it right either.  There are techniques to get it right, but before the internet was available to us there was no way for us to know.






    With all the information to help us learn from others, it is almost unacceptable to not search out and apply best known methods.  We are lucky to be able to learn and grow our knowledge base and we hope that you will use it to figure out your own puzzles.  Whether it is reflow profiling, application methods for flux, sphere placement, or any other thing that can be optimized – we can share what we have learned with you and figure it out.  



    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert