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Electrical Activation of NanoFoil®

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  • If you have ever witnessed one of our NanoFoil® demonstrations at a tradeshow, you may remember we used a 9-volt battery to activate the material. Yes, it can be that simple – especially for parts less than 15cm in bond diameter or bond length.

    For large area bonds, it is recommended to use multiple ignition points to coordinate the reaction. We bond many large area assemblies at Indium Corporation, and our go-to tool for activation is the MPIS (Multi-Point Ignition System). This system can monitor and apply voltage to 16 points simultaneously. Depending on application, we use a number of channels to ensure the NanoFoil® is activated in at least 15cm intervals. This coordination of activation points controls the wave of reaction, causing the waves to meet – which reduces voiding and solder splash. More about the reaction can be found here.

    *This post is part of the NanoBond® Process series

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert