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Indium Corporation at Semicon West 2011

Many, many thanks to the hundreds of you who came by the Indium Corporation booth at Semicon West this year. Some of you came to hear about our recent global Semiconductor Assembly Materials Roadmap presentations, and all of you wanted to talk about your specific materials needs. Special thanks to those of you who shared the many successes you are having with our growing portfolio of applications-specific materials.

Based on these discussions, just a few of the topics that you will be hearing about in this blog in the coming months are:

- Lead/indium paste for multiple reflow applications onto gold pads
- Tin antimony solder paste
- Fluxes for 2.5D and 3D flip-chip applications
- Waferbumping fluxes for microbumps
- Jetting epoxy fluxes
- Tombstoning in semiconductor applications

Also: a final big THANK YOU to our friends at Nordson/Asymtek for showcasing the Indium halogen-free PoP paste Indium9.88-HF which was still dispensing after over 3 days of continuous usage at room temperature: proving its hard-earned reputation as the Energizer bunny of Pb-free (lead-free) dispense pastes. Here is a picture from the final day.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2012 (Exhibits: July 10-12th, 2012).

Cheers!  Andy