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InTEGRATED Solder Preforms

Have you ever had to hand-place solder washer preforms on the pins of a connector and found it to be very labor intensive? Indium Corporation has a product called InTEGRATED Preforms which enable the user to place multiple preforms at one time in less than 15 seconds.

InTEGRATED Preforms are joined in a matrix by fine, precise strands of solder which, during the soldering process, melt and flow to adjacent pads to give complete preform separation.

In addition to time saved, the quality of the joint is assured because only one preform is delivered to each joint eliminating the chance that a pin will be missed or two washers placed on the same pin. Each scenario will create a quality problem that reduces the yield and increases the time spent on rework.

Unique preform designs and complicated configurations can simplify difficult soldering jobs. An example is a thru-hole connector with multiple rows of long pins that are difficult to reach in the center with hand soldering. InTEGRATED Preforms eliminate the need to reach these remote areas. The connected washers can be placed on top of the board, under the connector. After reflow, equal volumes of solder are delivered to each of the pins in the connector.

Many printed circuit boards have mixed technology. The surface mount components can be placed in the paste first followed by the thru-hole components using InTEGRATED Preforms. The board can then be reflowed and cleaned once, eliminating time consuming steps.

To learn more about this time saving product patented by Indium Corporation, please contact the Applications Engineering Staff at Indium Corporation.and we would be happy to design an InTEGRATED Preform to fit your solder requirements.