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  • In an earlier post, I mentioned how hard it was to get technical support from some equipment vendors.  In response to that, Ed Zamborsky (OK International) not only offered technical support, but offered to help answer some of my questions for this blog post.  Cool!




    So here is my question: Which iron tips should our customers use for non-standard alloys?  I’m interested in 52In/48Sn, 58Bi/42Sn, 100%In, and 92.5Pb/5Sn/2.5Ag…






    Ed: “So much of the tip temperature is dependent upon the target PCB area as well as the mass of the components being soldered. Using a Smartheat soldering system I would suggest the following cartridges for our different systems:






    Solder Melt Temperature                         MX Series      PS Series       MFR Series



    52In/48Sn (118degC melt)                      500 Series     T Series        T Series



    58Bi/42Sn (138degC melt)                       500 Series     T Series        T Series



    In (157degC melt)                                 600 Series     F Series        F Series



    92.5Pb/5Sn/2.5Ag (287degC melt)            600 Series     F series         F Series






    On a heavy substrate or ground plane, you can always select the next higher temperature series to optimize the hand soldering process.“


    Ed also guided me to a collection of technical videos that he helps put together to assit customers during selection, testing, and use of his company's products - which include rework and dispensing equipment. 


    Ed Zamborsky is a product manager for OK International, he can be reached at:





    386 846 5647



    I just met Ed, but I have a feeling he is a solder ninja just like me...