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  • Earlier this month we had a few days off for Independence Day (the 4th of July). While I relaxed at home, thoughts of Indium Corporation come to mind, and I pondered this for a while:

    At Indium Corporation we believe in a code of ethics we call “The Indium Way”. These principles are summed up as respect, appreciation, and achievement. For me, this is an important reason why I work here. For a worldwide company, we are still very much like a family. Each employee is a character, in the way that each family member fills a distinct role, and their individual personality is important to the overall makeup of the group.

    I’ve learned that, unlike some companies, there are no communication boundaries at Indium – in the sense that anyone can reach anyone else and openly share ideas. There are no boundaries to limit a new employee from sharing a thought with our president, or any of the VPs or Directors. In fact it is encouraged!  

    The thought meandered for a while and concluded with the idea that being a “lifer” at most companies sounds like a death sentence. At Indium, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here there are opportunities to climb the ladder and even move laterally into a job that better suits an employee. There are still new areas to explore, new products to learn about, and even new technologies with which to work. Whatever technology I work with throughout the years, I hope that I retire from Indium Corporation one day feeling the same pride as I do today.

    All the best,


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert