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Understanding Epoxy Flux in SMT: The Need and the Process

  • Epoxy Flux

  • Epoxy flux technology blends an epoxy system with a flux, reinforcing susceptible solder joints to enable higher drop-test reliability performance for electronics assembly products. 

    Typically, the packages that are most susceptible to premature drop-test failure are bumped components such as BGAs, CSPs, and PoP. Although underfill has dominated the reinforcement need for many years, the cost of underfilling, and the extra processing steps involved, have created the demand for a better solution. As a result, epoxy flux has gained increased attention within the electronics manufacturing world due to the potential for reducing cost by eliminating processing steps and equipment. New epoxy flux materials, such as our developmental material 756-72, are being developed to meet the needs and requirements of the industry. 

    Over the next few months I will continue to break down and discuss epoxy flux and the manufacturing process details in the series "Understanding Epoxy Flux in SMT: The Need and the Process."

    1. Why Epoxy Flux?
    2. Epoxy Flux Storage and Handling
    3. Optimizing the Epoxy Flux Dipping Process
    4. Dispensing/Jetting Epoxy Flux
    5. Epoxy Flux Rework Procedure and Clean-up
    6. Epoxy Flux Compatibility

    Looking forward to our next discussion: Why Epoxy Flux?