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Undiscovered: The Best New Use Of NanoFoil®

I’m still searching for the best use of NanoFoil®. Our customers have used it for LED and CPV die-attachment, sputtering target bonding, battery assembly applications, measurement devices, fuses, as well as many applications which must remain secret. Some of these uses are amazing, to say the least, but I am holding out and searching for something even better – the ‘holy grail’ of NanoFoil® applications.

What will it be?

Perhaps something that requires a portable source of heat. Maybe it will be a heat source needed under water or in a vacuum application. (NanoFoil® does not require oxygen or flux for reaction.) It may be an application that benefits from the unique properties of reactive multilayer foil or used in a product that becomes a household name.

If you have an interesting idea for a new application, please let me know!