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John Tomaszewski: Packaging Engineer Intern



My name is John Tomaszewski and I am a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics at Clarkson University. This fall I will be a senior looking to complete my last year and hoping to receive my Bachelor's Degree in the spring. I'm local to the Whitesboro (Utica), NY USA area where my family has lived my whole life. I have two older siblings, a brother and sister, who I have always looked up to whenever I needed help with anything. My parents have also helped a lot as well; mostly shaping me into the person I am today. Growing up I enjoyed camping, hiking, and snowboarding. My family would take a camping trip usually once a year to bring everyone together, which I enjoyed. Clarkson University is located just outside Adirondacks, so during some of my free time I would go hiking with some friends.  

I always enjoyed math and science, which is mostly why I chose the field of engineering. The analytical thinking and problem solving is something I love. Before I went to Clarkson University I attended Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC). During my time at MVCC, I was part of the future engineering club where we captured a better understanding of the engineering field through speakers, events, and trips to different universities. While at MVCC I also worked a part-time job at the local Panera Bread. This job taught me some valuable skills, such as time management. This is valuable while working and going to school. I then transferred to Clarkson to pursue my four year degree. I became part of the Clarkson Car Club to pursue my interest in cars.  I also completed a basic tooling and shop course that will assist me in my Indium Corporation internship.

Before I graduate from Clarkson I would like to have some experience in the professional work environment. Indium Corporation has given me such an opportunity during this 10-week summer internship program. I will be focusing on Thermal Form Packaging Design, where I look to gain skills and techniques that aren't presented in the academic setting. These skills will help me adapt to my profession after I graduate and will allow me to excel in the work place. I look forward to working with Indium Corporation and applying my ideas to the challenges that I will be facing.