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2013 SVC Presentation: A High Temperature, High-Strength, Pb-Free, Metallic Sputtering Target Bond using Reactive Multilayer NanoFoil

I’m not the only one presenting new NanoFoil® data at this year’s SVC (Society of Vacuum Coaters) Conference. Another member of our team will be in attendance to teach you about some of the breakthrough work he’s been doing to help you create better performing target bonds. As his abstract reads:

“There is a desire for a high temperature (>300°C) metallic bonding process that can produce flat, stress-free target assemblies, enabling targets to run at higher temperatures for longer periods of time. We will demonstrate a new NanoBond® process using a high temperature thermally sprayed Zn/Al alloy with melting temperatures as high 380°C. We will compare this with Sn-based solders typically used in the NanoBond®process, specifically looking at shear strengths, void analysis, and cross sectional analysis.”

Come meet the Indium Team in booth #313 at the 2013 SVC Technical Conference and Exhibit!

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert