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2013 SVC Presentation: Eliminating the Bond Stress of Sputtering Targets at Operational Temperatures

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  • I invite you to come to the Emerging Technology session of the SVC (Society of Vacuum Coaters) Conference on Wednesday April 24th – where I’ll be discussing interesting new ways to use NanoFoil® to create sputtering target bonds with better operational performance.

    Here’s a little background, if you missed some of our past presentations at the SVC in recent years: NanoFoil® has been proven to eliminate CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) stresses imparted during the bonding of sputtering targets. Per the abstract:


    “Reactive multilayer foil bonding has been used to eliminate stresses in sputtering target assembly caused by coefficient of thermal expansion mismatches between the target and the backing plate materials. Since a significant portion of the materials (except the innermost few microns) remain at room temperature throughout the reactive multilayer foil bonding process, the materials are bonded with an ambient temperature “zero stress point.” This low stress bond reduces the effects of thermal expansion, leading to less deflection of the sputtering target assembly. In most high temperature large area bonding applications, targets that deflect after bonding are mechanically stressed until they are truly planar again. This compounds the stress resulting from the bonding and flattening operation. In this paper we will explore the possibility of setting the “zero stress point” at other temperatures to further minimize stress and deflection during operation.”

    If the presentation doesn’t answer all your questions regarding target bonding, no worries – the Indium Team will be there to chat with at booth #313. You will NOT be disappointed. See you there!




    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert