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NanoBond® Setup

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  • Assuming that your application follows the DFNB (design for NanoBond®) guidelines, you are ready to prepare your parts/components for assembly. Whether you are bonding LEDs, sputtering targets, heatsinks, or any other components – there are a few common points to consider before activating the foil and creating a bond:


    Setup for the NanoBond® process can be as simple as clamping two plated parts together - with NanoFoil® in between, or an elaborate setup including a multi-point ignition system and a high capacity press. Generally, the smaller applications (electronic component scale) are fairly simple to set up. For anyone who has seen a NanoFoil® demo at a tradeshow or visit, you will remember that the NanoBond® was created using only finger pressure and a 9 volt battery – that’s simpler than hand soldering! (and faster too…)


    Ready for activation?


    *This post is part of the NanoBond® Process series

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert