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NanoFoil® Thickness

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  • NanoFoil® is available in various thicknesses to suit different applications. In each variation, the thickness of each Aluminum and Nickel bi-layer in the foil stay the same, but the number of layers changes – influencing the overall thickness of the foil as well as the heat energy generated by the reaction. (As a review, NanoFoil® is composed of many layers of alternating aluminum and nickel – only nanometers thick. The thickness of one Ni/Al pair is called a ‘bi-layer’)

    Currently, there are 3 common NanoFoil® thicknesses to choose from (with 3 different energy potentials):

    • 40µm (23-25 J/cm2)
    • 60µm (35-38 J/cm2)
    • 80µm (47-51 J/cm2)

    Let us help you figure out which thickness best fits your application.


    *This post is part of the NanoBond® Process series

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert