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Say Hello to the New Halogen-Free No-Clean Ball Attach Flux

Following the success of NC-506 (No-Clean flux for mounting spheres on BGA packages) is a halogen-free version – NC-585.  I’ve been working with this flux quite a bit lately to see how it stacks up with the industry leading NC-506.






The first thing I noticed was the lower tack and viscosity of NC-585.  This was apparent in initial pin-transfer testing.  The flux rolls well under the squeegee blade and transfers a large amount of flux per pin.  Because the transfer is so pronounced, NC-585 may bridge between very closely spaced pins, we will need to take a closer look at this later.  Normal BGA pitches are no problem at all with this flux.






The wetting of this material was surprising.  I didn’t think any halogen-free flux would be able to compete with NC-506, but NC-585 had even better wetting characteristics on bare copper and ENIG surfaces at Pb-free temperatures with SAC 387.






The future of this flux looks promising, as does the future of powerful halogen-free fluxes.