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Student Governance: Increasing Leadership Skills

As an undergraduate student, obtaining an internship for a company such as Indium Corporation requires surmounting the competition in skills and expertise. One of the most effective and rewarding paths to take in growing your leadership skills is to get involved on campus, specifically in student government.

Over the past two years of my college experience, I have served as a Student Senator. This position allows any SUNY Polytechnic Institute student to represent their respective class year. Being a Student Senator requires attending general board meetings as well as participating in unique committees that discuss specific issues on campus. In my work for statewide student governance, I have operated regular committee meetings as the Chair of Military Affairs and have addressed issues that impact the general population of the 64 SUNY institutions.

Employers such as Indium Corporation look for educated college students to join their organization, but it takes more than just an education to stand out. Getting involved on campus allows for you to network with campus faculty and gain connections and recommendations for future employment, all while pursuing your interests. Student government establishes clear evidence of your work experience and dedication to volunteering, depending on your role within your student organization. Volunteer work is a must-have for many corporations, as it establishes that you advocate for beneficial causes and are willing to donate your time and energy to support the local community.

Joining the student government on your campus does more than just build your resumé . Getting involved strengthens your soft skills and leadership skills. Some soft skills that are critical in any work environment include: time management, strengthening internal communication, working for the improvement of the organization, and several others that employers look for in candidates. Now, student governance groups vary by campus in their structure and positions available, but there are always flexible paths to take in what you get out of this experience while continuing to promote what you believe in.

As a college student, you are at a time in your life where there is ample opportunity to develop a successful career. As someone who has utilized my work in student government to both obtain a position as an Intern for Indium Corporation and get the most out of my college experience, student governance can benefit you as much as it has myself. Therefore, if the opportunity approaches, take it.