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Ed Briggs

Ed Briggs

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Indium Corporation
Phone: +1 (315) 853-4900 x7594
Address: 1676 Lincoln Ave., Utica, NY, USA 13502

  • Certifications:
  • SMTA
  • IPC
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt


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Ed Briggs is a technical support engineer for the Southeast United States and Eastern Canada. He joined Indium Corporation in 1992 and has held a variety of positions in production and technical support.

Ed is an SMTA-certified engineer, and earned his green belt six-sigma certification from Dartmouth College for demonstrating proficiency in developing and executing design experiments to support continuous process improvement.

Ed has an associate’s degree in chemical technology from Mohawk Valley Community College, where he won the Douglas J. Bauer Award for Excellence in Chemistry. He has authored six technical papers and has presented at several technical conferences throughout North America.

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Automotive: Solder Paste Particle Size Effect on Voiding in Bottom-Terminated Components

18 Dec 2016 by Ed Briggs [view bio]

The results were very interesting as the ROL0 (halide-free) paste performed better than the ROL1 (halide-containing) solder paste. Generally, halides are better at reducing surface oxides suggesting there is more than oxide removal at work in reducing void content. Also interesting is that the Type 4 particle size generally exhibited less voiding than Type 3. It is expected that as particle size decreases, surface area and surface oxide increase and that voiding will also increase. That trend is not recognized until moving from Type 4 to Type 5 and 6. However, there is a large overlap in the particle size between Type 3 (25-45 micron) and Type 4 (20-38 micron).

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Growing Interest in Bi-Containing Solder Alloys: Bismuth Rocks!

13 Mar 2015 by Ed Briggs [view bio]

If you haven’t heard about Bi-containing (bismuth) solder alloys recently, that may change in the near future. Low-melting Bi-containing solders are now in increasing use and gaining popularity due to their lower melting temperatures—58Bi/42Sn is eutectic at 138°C and 57Bi/42Sn/1Ag melts 137-139°C (both are Pb-free alternatives). A low-temperature solder is advantageous...

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The Largest Trade-off in Printing UltraFine Solder Pastes is in Reflow

05 Jan 2015 by Ed Briggs [view bio]

In a six-part SMT assembly series, we discussed the advantages of using fine powder solder pastes to improve process yields for stencil printing, especially in areas where the area ratio is below 0.66. Because ~60% of solder defects typically occur at the...

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