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Jim Hisert

Jim Hisert

Applications Manager

Indium Corporation
Phone: +1 (315) 853-4900 x2346
Address: 111 Business Park Drive, Utica, NY 13502


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Jim is responsible for exploring and leveraging the use of the element indium in various forms and applications, including identifying new markets and opportunities.


Jim joined Indium Corporation in 2005 and has served the company in various roles, including as an Applications Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer. He has presented at industry organizations and technical seminars globally, and has authored technical papers on numerous topics, including thermal management, semiconductor-grade flux technology, solder materials testing, and sputtering target bonding. Jim is also one of Indium Corporation’s most prolific blog authors.


Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology from the State University of New York’s Polytechnic Institute and earned a certification in “Fundamentals of Vapor Deposition” from the University of Delaware.

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Indium Recycling – End of the Year Clean-up

10 Dec 2018 by Jim Hisert [view bio]

When you are doing your year-end clean-up, check to see if you have any indium seals or scrap pieces of indium laying around. Send us your scrap indium and we'll pay you for it or you can use it as a credit on your next purchase of indium wire or preforms.

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New Research Paper Evaluates Liquid Metal for Microchannel Cooling Applications

03 Dec 2018 by Jim Hisert [view bio]

A new paper sparked my interest recently: Experimental Thermal Energy Assessment of a Liquid Metal Eutectic in a Microchannel Heat Exchanger Equipped With a (10Hz/50Hz) Resonator which talks about alternatives to liquid metal for high-temp heat exchange applications. Unfortunately, they left out my favorite alloy - eutectic gallium-indium or EGaInTM.

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Creating a High Quality Indium Cryogenic Seal

28 Nov 2018 by Jim Hisert [view bio]

Graham Wilson (Sr. Applications Engineer) and Jim Hisert talk about using indium wire or indium preforms for cryogenic seals. Find out what you need to know to make the best seal.

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