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2018 SVC TechCon

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  • Last week several members of our team attended the 2018 Society of Vacuum Coaters Technical Conference and Exhibit. The venue for this show has alternated between the eastern, western, and central parts of the USA, and this year it took place in sunny Florida. Never before have I witnessed such an amazing conference center for the SVC – but that’s not all that changed this year!

    Several of the new additions in 2018 improved the show, in my opinion. For instance, registration was simplified and was available in advance or at the door. Visitor admission was free and included entrance to the exhibition along with all of the following:

    • Wireless internet access
    • Access to poster session
    • Ice cream social event
    • Exhibitor reception
    • A box lunch
    • Vendor innovator showcase
    • Beer blast

    Also, the technical sessions were planned around the exhibit so attendees could spend time in the exhibit hall and the technical conference - without having to miss out on one or the other.

    Overall, we noticed more traffic in the exhibit area compared to 2017. At this show, Indium Corporation focused on :

    • indium, gallium, and germanium compounds
    • high-purity tin
    • recycle and reclaim of materials

    We are planning to be at the SVC show in 2019. I hope to see you there!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert